Academic Standards

Members include three faculty members, one Ag Student Council representative, one Graduate Student representative and one Agricultural Sciences Faculty Senator. Purpose is to review and recommend action to the Dean on matters relating to undergraduate and graduate academic standards and policies. Duties include recommendation to the Dean on 1. reinstatement of students 2. cases of academic dishonesty 3. modifications in policies for the academic conduct of students (student handbook)

General Assembly Representative for UPUA

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) is the governing body for the undergraduate student population. The elected general assembly representative for UPUA is a member of Ag Student Council. Information on UPUA.

Instruction and Curricular Affairs

The purpose of the committee is serve as an advisory and facilitating body to the College on matters that may affect the attainment of instructional objectives in undergraduate and graduate programs, while ensuring conformity of curricula with Senate guidelines. Duties include reviewing undergraduate and graduate course and curriculum proposals and reviewing matters such as admission standards. Website and Calendar