Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning gives you an opportunity to develop your skills and abilities outside the classroom.

By participating in a variety of activities you develop valuable knowledge and become more marketable to employers.  These experiences also help you to identify what you want to do and don't want to do.

Experiential Learning encompasses a variety of activities:

Study Abroad – Prepares you to live and work in a global society

Undergraduate Research – Allows you to explore topics of interest, apply what you have learned in the classroom and develop problem-solving skills.

Clubs and Organizations – Develops your interpersonal and leadership skills as well as community and civic engagement and public speaking skills.

Internships and other work experiences – Provides real world experience and knowledge of employer expectations.

As professional staff, we are dedicated to providing students with the finest career attention needed to be successful in today’s agricultural workforce.  Our services support students of the College in exploring, experiencing and achieving career paths. By visiting the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services in 110 Ag Admin (or by calling 814-865-7522), students will get individualized assistance in identifying and participating in meaningful, hands-on, inquiry based experiences, gaining research skills, and transforming educational and work experiences to achieve goals.