What organization is a good fit?

Research the culture and environment of different organizations.

Finding a good career fit means looking at the job and the environment of the organization in which you are interested.  Here are some resources to help:

CareerBliss - "CareerBliss is a career community dedicated to helping you find happiness in the workplace and therefore in life." This site offers jobs, review of employers by employees, salary information for those same employers by those same employees, and the BlissFinder, their survey of your work situation designed to help you find what makes you happy (or unhappy) about your current job. It's an interesting site trying to do a lot to help people figure out if they are heading into a good situation.

CareerLeak - Founder Ty Lampella says "CareerLeak was started on my frustration when I finished school and was trying to find clear and honest employer information. There was Vault at the time and even Wetfeet, however I felt with the nature of the Internet there is not a need to charge for such a service. CareerLeak is completely free and currently has over 1000 job surveys listed. Each survey is reviewed and edited (for punctuation and profanity) and many are thrown out. The site specifically says Revenge posts will be removed, with the idea that many surveyors will be filling out surveys in anger. However it does allow reasonable criticism of employers." The site also offers employer-specific Salary Information, based on the information provided by the registered users of the site.

Vault - Offers insider guides to companies, including many anonymous interviews with current and past employees to find out “what it’s really like in there. College students may be familiar with the company’s print guides. You can review “company snapshots” and some other materials here for free without registering, but the free basic registration also allows you to participate in the message boards.

WetFeet - Insider guides to companies. There are Company Snapshots (shorter reports), Company Interviews (much longer), and much more for the active job seeker. Some areas may require the free registration, some reports require a fee, but much is free and open to the general user.