Writing Course Requirements

List of courses that meet the writing requirement for the college.

AEE 330W: Communication in Agricultural and Natural Resource Careers
Prerequisite/Concurrent: ENG 015

AG BM 308W: Strategic Decision Making in Agribusiness
Prerequisite/Concurrent: AG BM 101; AG BM 102; AG BM 106

AGRO 410W: Physiology of Agricultural Crops
Prerequisite/Concurrent: AGRO 028

AN SC 290W: Careers in Animal Agriculture
Prerequisite/Concurrent: 1 credit

AN SC 419W: Applied Animal Welfare
Prerequisite/Concurrent: AN SC 201 or 6 credits in Biology

AN SC 431W: Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction
Prerequisite/Concurrent: 3 credits Animal Physiology

AN SC 467W: Advanced Equine Nutrition
Prerequisite/Concurrent: AN SC 301

A S M 429W: Agricultural Systems Analysis and Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: ASM 422; ASM 425

CED 427W: Society and Natural Resources
Prerequisite/Concurrent: R SOC011 or SOC 001

CED 431W: Economics of Environment/Resource Policy
Prerequisite/Concurrent: ECON 302

B E 466W: Biological Engineering Design
Prerequisite/Concurrent: B E 391 and senior standing in B E

B E 469W: Optimization of Biological Production & Processing Systems
Prerequisite/Concurrent: B E 302 and one B E 400 level course

E R M 413W: Case Studies in Ecosystem Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: BIOL 220W; SOILS 101; E R M 412*

FD SC 409W: Laboratory in Food Microbiology
Prerequisite/Concurrent: MICRB 202; FD SC 408*

FOR 200W/W P 200W: Professional Careers in Forest Resources
Prerequisite/Concurrent: FOR 203*

FOR 466W: Forest Resource Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: FOR 421; FOR 440*

FOR 488Y: International Forestry
Prerequisite/Concurrent: E R M 413W; FOR 421 or INTAG 100

HORT 402W: Plant Nutrition
Prerequisite/Concurrent: HORT 315 or BIOL 441; SOILS 101

HORT 410W: Issues in Landscape Contracting
Prerequisite/Concurrent: HORT 408

HORT 412W: Post-Harvest Physiology
Prerequisite/Concurrent: 6 credits in HORT or other plant sciences

HORT 440W: Plant Water Relations
Prerequisite/Concurrent: BIOL 441 or BIOL 466 or permission of dept.

SOILS 412W: Soil Ecology
Prerequisite/Concurrent: BIOL 011; BIOL 027 or BIOL 110

TURF 436W: Case Studies in Turfgrass Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: TURF 238; TURF 425; PPATH 412

VB SC 402W/ENT 402W: Biology of Animal Parasites
Prerequisite/Concurrent: BIOL 110

VB SC 423W: Pathology of Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases
Prerequisite/Concurrent:: BMB 211 or BMB 401; AN SC 301 or equivalent nutrition course

VB SC 448W: Current Topics in Immunology
Prerequisite/Concurrent: MICRB 410, B M B 400

W F S 447W: Wildlife Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: W F S 209 or W F S 309

W F S 463W: Fishery Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: W F S 209; W F S 300; W F S 301; W F S 310

W P 437W: Wood Industries Marketing Management
Prerequisite/Concurrent: W P 200W; W P 203