Campus Security Authorities

Campus Safety & Security

While the University encourages all campus community members to promptly report all crimes and other emergencies directly to the University Police at 814-863-1111, or to 911, we also recognize that some may prefer to report to other individuals or University offices.

The Clery Act recognizes certain University officials and offices as “Campus Security Authorities” (CSAs). The Act defines these individuals, among other individuals, as “An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings. An official is defined as a person who  has  the  authority  and  the  duty  to  take  action  or  respond  to  particular issues on behalf of the institution.”

For the College of Agricultural Sciences, members of the Facilities and Safety Department are named as Campus Security Authorities:

Brad Smith – Facilities Coordinator (865-6650 or )

Michael Hoffman – Building Coordinator (867-1851 or

Mattie Dutrow – Building Coordinator (865-3236 or


In addition to contacting any of these individuals to report any crime or campus emergency, you may also find the following safety and security resources helpful.

Penn State University Clery Act Policy -

Clery Center for Campus Safety -

Compliance and Ethics Hotlines -