Seminar Series

The goal of this seminar series is to bring together an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students across Penn State interested in the application of advanced cyberphysical systems, robotics, automation, and autonomy to agricultural environments, vehicles, and applications.

The seminars will include invited speakers from around the U.S. who are leading research in application of these technologies to agricultural production and environmental systems, and internal presentations of ongoing activities within Penn State, in an effort to unify research activities and identify teams to pursue ongoing and emerging funding opportunities in this rich area. This program will help to promote Penn State’s leadership in this area, to identify cross-university collaborations, and to potentially recruit new students, postdocs, or faculty to Penn State.


Thursday, April 14, 1-2 PM

Michael Wing, Oregon State University

Title: Considerations for a UAS-based Research Program

Thursday, April 27, 1-2 PM

Johnny Park, President & CEO, Spensa Technologies

Title: The Z-Trap story - My Journey from a Robotics Professor to a Bug Trap Entrepreneur

Thursday, June 2, 10-11 AM

Dr. Manoj Karkee, Washington State

Title:  Automated Fresh Market Tree Fruit Harvesting - Where Do We Stand?

Location:  244 Agricultural Engineering Building