Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - Optional Practical Training (STEM-OPT) Extension

Process for students/employees completing the STEM-OPT Extension
  1. Submission for College Approval
    1. Submit section 1-6 of the I-983 and STEM OPT Initial Request Form (signed by supervisor) to the Associate Dean for review and signature
  2. Global Programs Pre-approval
    1. Student/employee takes completed and signed forms to DISSA to an international Advisor.
    2. DISSA will forward pre-approved form to Vice Provost of Global Programs who will sign the I-983 form.
  3. Approved I-983
    1. Student/employee submits the I-983 to the school that issued their I-20.
    2. Questions about submitting the approved I-983 should be referred to the home University as the process for applying for a STEM-OPT I-20 differs from school to school.
  4. Application for the STEM-OPT I-20 with DISSA
    1. Student/employee will apply with a DISSA advisor (cannot apply for I-20 or STEM extension any earlier than 90 days before the end of current OPT period)
    2. I-20 will be used to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  5. Semi-annual Review Process
    1. Research and Graduate Education will need a Semi-annual review form completed and signed (by supervisor)
    2. Reviews will occur December and June

Questions: Any questions regarding the I-983 can be directed to Global Programs

Loss of Employment: The employer and student must notify the relevant Associate Dean when the student’s employment is terminated for any reason before the end of the authorized extension period.

Microsoft Word, 14.7 KB

This form is to be used for the initial requests for STEM OPT.

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The Department of Homeland Security requires that students and employees in STEM OPT status be monitored by their employer on a semi-annual basis to ensure they are complying with the training plan as set forth in the I-983.