Civil Rights Information

The college, Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station, and Penn State Extension ensures compliance with the following legislation and acts.

The college is committed to our legal and moral responsibilities to ensure compliance with the above laws and has provided additional resources on the Human Resources website.  In addition, the resources at USDA’s Civil Rights Office website can be beneficial.

It is important to become familiar with these topics and keep them in mind as you develop your research projects and/or extension programs.  All of our efforts should strive to target and reach members of our diverse population, including both adults and youth.

In addition, it is important that you continue to engage new and existing stakeholders in the identification of research and program needs and for suggestions on ways to reach diverse audiences. As you are aware, we strive to meet the needs of all citizens in our state; particular those that are underserved.

As an organization, we do not discriminate or condone discriminatory practices in any way as we strive to carry out the mission of Penn State University and the land-grant system.

We expect your compliance and support in the efforts to ensure that our constituents across the Commonwealth have equal access to our research projects and outcomes and extension programs.