RAIN Listing

Giovani Bellicanta, left, and Nina Jenkins. Photo by Michael Houtz

“They don’t just live in your bed. They hide behind light switches and power sockets and in between the cracks of the baseboard and underneath your carpet. No hotel, however clean or expensive, can prevent its guests from checking in with bed bugs.” ~ Nina Jenkins

Gregory Ziegler. Photo by Michael Houtz

“AvoColor has been shown to have excellent color yield in a wide variety of food products, including confections, juices, and baked goods, and is stable to light, oxygen, and temperature.” ~ Gregory Ziegler

Yinong Yang. Photo by Michael Houtz

“This technology holds promise for precision breeding of crops with many desirable traits, such as low levels of food allergens or toxins, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and efficient nitrogen and phosphorus utilization.” ~Yinong Yang

Troy Ott. Photo by Michael Houtz

“Once commercialized, these diagnostics tests will have important economic and social benefits in Pennsylvania and throughout the dairy industry.” ~Troy Ott

Jeffrey Catchmark and Snehasish Basu. Photo by Michael Houtz

“These barrier coatings have numerous other applications ranging from water-resistant paper, to coatings for ceiling tiles and wallboard, to food coatings for keeping taco shells crispy. The adhesive properties are useful for packaging as well as other applications such as formaldehyde-free wood fiber composites for construction.” ~Jeffrey Catchmark

Jeffrey Catchmark. Photo by Michael Houtz

“It started off as a Styrofoam replacement, but now it’s medical material. This is the beauty of biological materials—they can be used for lots of different applications.” ~Jeffrey Catchmark

Paul Heinemann. Photo Penn State College of Engineering

“Intensive fruit production offers both economic and horticultural benefits and must be adopted in order for the Pennsylvania tree fruit industry to thrive in a challenging landscape.” —Paul Heinemann

Chris Houser, Greg Roth, and Corey Dillon. Photo by Michael Houtz

“The ability to seed a cover crop while also side-dressing the standing corn with fertilizer and spray herbicide is a huge money saver, potentially improving returns by over $100 per acre." ~ Greg Roth

Andrew Patterson. Photo by Michael Houtz

“What is exciting about this study is that we feel like we are taking another small step in shedding some light on how diet and drugs can modulate bacteria and how these organisms modify their environment.” ~Andrew Patterson