Enhancing Dairy Profitability

“Once commercialized, these diagnostics tests will have important economic and social benefits in Pennsylvania and throughout the dairy industry.” ~Troy Ott
Troy Ott. Photo by Michael Houtz

Troy Ott. Photo by Michael Houtz

Research Lead

Troy Ott
Professor, Department of Animal Science


This simple blood test determines whether or not a cow is pregnant.

Why It’s Important

  • Determines pregnancy 10 to 20 days earlier than currently possible
  • Saves farmers between $1 and $3 per day


  • The team has developed a new diagnostic platform and work flow
  • Collaborating with a small local company, PPK Animal Healthcare
  • Three new intellectual property disclosures
  • U.S. Patent Pending (62/435,432)

Technology Development Awards

  • $75,000 - RAIN Grant (2015)