Global Engagement

Advancing global solutions to challenges in agriculture, health and sustainability that impact the future of an interconnected world.

By 2050, a world population of more than 9 billion people will result in a twofold increase in the demand for agricultural products. Simultaneously, threats to agricultural systems, such as water scarcity and climate change, will reduce the likelihood that these demands are met.

Researchers in the college address issues of food security, poverty, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity by seeking out strategic international collaborations and partnerships with which to discover innovative solutions to these global problems. Their efforts are scalable, meaning the work that they do in a particular location can be applied toward finding solutions for the world at large. As such, researchers in the college are improving the outlook for people in Pennsylvania, the nation and the world.

Research Expertise

Research Videos

Cacao for Peace
As Colombia emerges from 50 years of violence, Penn State experts are helping poor farmers switch from growing coca, the stuff of cocaine, to growing cacao, the principal ingredient in chocolate
Global Programs: University of Freiburg
Penn State and the University of Freiburg are opening a joint center in Germany to connect scientists and students to local opportunities in research, education, and service.


Penn State root research results in breeding of improved bean plants for Africa
November 28, 2018
In the culmination of more than a decade of research on root traits conducted by Penn State plant scientists, about three tons of seed for common bean plants specifically bred to thrive in the barren soils of Mozambique will be distributed there Dec. 11.
Penn State food safety experts to help make Ethiopian dairy food supply safer
November 14, 2018
Food safety specialists in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences will collaborate with scientists at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and Kansas State University on a project to improve the safety and quality of Ethiopian dairy foods.
Jacobson named first Global Faculty Fellow in College of Agricultural Sciences
September 27, 2018
A longtime champion of global engagement will serve as the first Global Faculty Fellow in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. Michael Jacobson, professor of forest resources in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, will help lead the college's Ag2Africa programming, as well as collaborate with Penn State's Office of Global Programs in its efforts to build a Water, Energy, Food Systems (WEFS) initiative in Africa.