Departmental Research

Discover our research within the nine academic departments in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.

The research focus areas in this unit are agricultural production; food and biological process engineering and bioproducts, and natural resource engineering and production.

Research areas include agriculture and food; community, regional and international development; environment and natural resources; and population processes and change.

Focus areas include livestock; animal products and human health; nutrient management and environmental stewardship; quality and safety of animal foods; and reproductive biology and fertility.

This department focuses on biogeochemical processes; forest science; land use; soil and water quality; wildlife and fisheries science; and wood products.

Entomological research resides in four main program areas: chemical ecology; disease biology and ecology; ecological applications; and pollinator biology, health, and ecology.

The research focus areas in this department are food chemistry; food choice and consumer behavior; food engineering and processing; and food microbiology.

The research focus areas in this department include aerobiology and epidemiology; microbe-host interactions; microbial ecology; microbial genomics; mushroom science; and plant disease management.

This department focuses on crop ecology and management; genetics and molecular biology; ornamental horticulture; root biology; small fruit; tree fruit; turfgrass science; and vegetables.

Research areas in the department are animal diagnostics; immunology and infectious disease; molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis; and veterinary extension.