Policy for Cost-Sharing on Multistate Travel

The Policy for Cost-Sharing on Multistate Travel is being revised effective with requests received after July 1, 2014. This policy applies to technical committee, coordinating committee, education/extension and research activity, development committee, and advisory committee meetings (to include project prefixes of NC, NCAC, NCCC, NCDC, NCERA, NCR, NE, NEAC, NEC, NECC, NEDC, NEERA, NEREAP, NRSP, S, SAC, SCC, SDC, SERA, W, WAC, WCC, WDC, and WERA).

The College will continue its policy on cost-sharing with faculty on travel to attend authorized annual multistate meetings. The College will pay up to $500 per meeting, for the official representative and/or members of the multistate project team to attend the meeting. If there is more than one person on the project, the amount of cost-sharing will be distributed accordingly (but will not exceed $500). For any expenditures less than $500, all costs will be reimbursed.

All requests for funding must be submitted in writing through your unit leader in advance of the scheduled meeting and should include an estimate of the total cost and identification of the multistate project or committee. Once this request is received by AES Staff (, an email confirmation will be sent indicating approval/disapproval of the request.

Upon returning, and to avoid delay, the unit should process all the necessary paperwork to reimburse faculty for their travel. All travel to official multistate projects must have the expenditures charged to the appropriate funds. Research expenditures must be charged to general funds on a 404 budget and the appropriate station project should be used; Extension expenditures must be charged to fund 1212 on a 504 budget and the appropriate station project should be used. Travel to multistate coordinating committees should have expenditures charged to the funds indicated above, but be applied to project number 4540. All travel, regardless of function, must have expenditures assigned to an applicable multistate project or the multistate administrative project 4540.

To receive approved cost-sharing, a copy of the budgetary documents and all back-up should be submitted to AES Staff ( for computing and transferring of appropriate cost-share funding (via a budget amendment through Administrative Services).

The College will continue its policy of covering all travel expenses to organizational meetings of new multistate projects and on-going projects that we wish to explore for possible participation. This funding is limited to one meeting, after which the unit is responsible for all costs of subsequent meetings until we are official participants. These travel expenses must also be approved in advance (per the above guidelines). Expenditures for these meetings must be charged to – general funds on a 404 budget or fund 1212 on a 504 budget – and assigned to the appropriate multistate project or multistate administrative project 4540.

With this cost-sharing arrangement, we encourage and hope that faculty attend all scheduled multistate meetings each year. In this time of fiscal constraints, this is an opportunity to link with other researchers and obtain a critical mass to address important topics.

If you have any questions, please contact the AES Staff at 814-865-3136 or via email at