Changes in Personnel Assignments for Extension and/or Research Functions

Faculty should NOT be assigned to a collaborative project for administrative expediency; however, it may be feasible to add the person to an existing project that encompasses the research (either by contributing to the existing objectives of that project or through modification of/addition to these objectives).

Any personnel project assignments additions or shifts will require a written communication from the faculty member or extension educator and approved by the unit leader (where appropriate). The memo should be sent directly to the Agricultural Experiment Station at, and include:

1. identification of which goals/objectives the faculty member will contribute

2. detailed information on what the faculty member will be doing to address the goals/objectives in which they are participating

3. what amount of time to be charged to the requested project     

4. where that time will come from (where is the time currently assigned)

5. when the change should be effective

All requests will be reviewed and presented to the appropriate area for
consideration. After review all relevant parties will be notified of the approved action.

The original memo will become part of the project file and will be available for
auditors review.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the AES Staff at or 814-865-3136.