Namesake: Jerome Pasto

Namesake: Jerome Pasto

In 1974 the alumni of the College of Agricultural Sciences began an extensive project to gather and preserve pieces of agricultural history. With a mere $1,500 and a few display cases in the Agricultural Administration Building, the Pasto Agricultural Museum was born. Since that time, the museum has obtained its own building and become an integral part of the Ag Progress Days events and the educational mission of Penn State University. 

In 1980 the museum was named after Jerome K. Pasto. Dr. Pasto was the first curator and served as associate dean of the college and professor of agricultural economics. He is seen here at the official rededication of the Pasto Agricultural Museum. In1998 after 20 years Dr. Pasto stepped down as volunteer curator.


Museum Building in 1979

Built with funds donated by alumni, Penn State's Ag Museum was officially opened to the public on August 22, 1979, during the Ag Progress Days.

Horse powered treadmill

The initial collection held more than 150 items. During its first exhibit the museum displayed an 1895 foot-powered milking machine, a horse-powered treadmill, and a 1917 reaper, to mention a few.

Darwin Braund, Daryl Heasley and Jerome Pasto