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These are the items we are specifically looking for as we complete exhibits and displays, programming and educational opportunities. The museum collection is comprised of donations from our founder, curators, supporters. The collection has grown to include several "collections" inside our permanent collection. We are working to ensure that each area of interest is represented completely and accurately, providing timelines for the evolution of technology, or illustrating a process from start to finish.

We carefully review prospective donations to ensure that an item will fit within the framework of our collection representing rural and agricultural life until the 1930's. This is a time before rural electrification and widespread use of engines.

We review items to ensure that we will be able to care for and preserve them, as well as display them to the public. We try to ensure that items are in good condition, needing little restoration or repair. We may accept second/multiple copies of items we already have in our collection as "In Use" items. We can then preserve first copies in our Permanent Collection for the future, and allow visitors to touch and use items designated as "In Use".

Rope Walker or Rope Winding Machine

Rope winding machine

Help us demonstrate how fiber strands were twisted into rope.

Rope is a critical component in many pieces of agricultural equipment on display in the museum, and is something we still use today. We hope to find a working example of such a rope winder, so as to make rope on site for visitors.

Two-Horse, Two-Row Corn Planter

Two-horse corn planter

Draft Horse Harness

Draft horse harness

We are looking for harness and collar set for 2 draft horses to help illustrate what is required to "harness" the horsepower used to drive many of the pieces of agricultural equipment on exhibit at the museum.

Rope-Making Hook

Rope-making hook

Rope-making hook; referred to as a thrat hook or wimble. This is a handmade instrument of heavy wire and wood, used for making hay ropes to tie down rucks. A handful of hay is doubled over the hook and the handle turned, making a long rope.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Pans

Cast iron pans

We are collecting items for use in educational programming. Featuring the items used in the 1840s, we share what life was like and what got packed in the wagons by emigrants preparing to trek on the Oregon trail. We are looking for antique or reproduction Dutch oven (with legs and lid) and cast iron pans or skillets.

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