The Pasto Agricultural Museum features tools and technology related to agricultural and rural life, from a time before electricity and engines. Not all artifacts are currently on display. Changing and Special Exhibits allow us to feature different parts of the collection over time. Categories within the collection include:
  • BEE Beekeeping: honey, extractors, mills, cans
  • BUT Butchering: caldron, lard presses, tools
  • CRN Corn: planting, harvesting, chopping, shelling
  • CTR Carpentry: tools, wood working, crafts
  • DAI Dairy: barn and kitchen, cream separation, cooling, churning, butter
  • FLD Field: plowing, fitting, cultivating, fertilizing, lime spreading
  • FRT Fruit: harvesting, spraying, cherry pitting
  • HAY Hay: seeding, harvesting, storage
  • HOM Home: cleaning, clothes washing, ironing, lamps, sewing, shoe repair, crafts
  • ICE Ice: harvesting, tools
  • KIT Kitchen: food prep, cooking, canning, utensils
  • LGH Lighting: candlesticks, lamps, lanterns, lighting devices
  • LIV Livestock: sheep, hogs, beef
  • MSC Misc.: scales, shoemaker tools, stoves, etc.
  • POT Potato: planter, covering plow, digging, grading
  • PRW Power: horse, ox, harness, double and single trees, yokes, tread power, water power
  • PTY Poultry: hatching, feeding, egg handling, shipping
  • SMG Small grains: seeding, harvesting, threshing, milling
  • SUG Sugar making: sap buckets, spiles, spouts, gathering tubs, evaporators
  • TLS Tools: grindstones, jacks, wrenches, screwdrivers, chains, measures, scales, manure forks, etc.
  • TOB Tobacco: baskets, frames, hanging sticks,signs relating to the production, drying, sorting, sizing, selling of tobacco
  • TRA Transport: hauling, wheeled vehicles, sleds, accessories
  • VEG Vegetables: planting, cultivating, preparation
  • WDS Woods: forestry, logging, sawing, wood working

These are the items we are specifically looking for as we complete exhibits and displays, programming and educational opportunities.