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The Pasto Agricultural Museum features tools and technology related to agricultural and rural life, from a time before electricity and engines. Not all artifacts are currently on display. Changing and Special Exhibits allow us to feature different parts of the collection over time. Categories within the collection include:

  • Beekeeping: honey, extractors, mills, cans
  • Butchering: cauldron, lard presses, tools
  • Corn: planting, harvesting, chopping, shelling
  • Carpentry: tools, woodworking, crafts
  • Dairy: barn and kitchen, cream separation, cooling, churning, butter
  • Field: plowing, fitting, cultivating, fertilizing, lime spreading
  • Fruit: harvesting, spraying, cherry pitting
  • Hay: seeding, harvesting, storage
  • Home: cleaning, clothes washing, ironing, lamps, sewing, shoe repair, crafts
  • Ice: harvesting, tools
  • Kitchen: food prep, cooking, canning, utensils
  • Lighting: candlesticks, lamps, lanterns, lighting devices
  • Livestock: sheep, hogs, beef
  • Misc.: scales, shoemaker tools, stoves, etc.
  • Potato: planter, covering plow, digging, grading
  • Power: horse, ox, harness, double and single trees, yokes, tread power, water power
  • Poultry: hatching, feeding, egg handling, shipping
  • Small grains: seeding, harvesting, threshing, milling
  • Sugar making: sap buckets, spiles, spouts, gathering tubs, evaporators
  • Tools: grindstones, jacks, wrenches, screwdrivers, chains, measures, scales, manure forks, etc.
  • Tobacco: baskets, frames, hanging sticks, signs relating to the production, drying, sorting, sizing, selling of tobacco
  • Transport: hauling, wheeled vehicles, sleds, accessories
  • Vegetables: planting, cultivating, preparation
  • Woods: forestry, logging, sawing, woodworking

The collection includes a 6,000 year-old clay sickle from Mesopotamia, present day Iran and Iraq. Our 3000+ artifacts represent hoe work in agricultural and rural life. An artifact from the 1930s may be the newest in the collection, but we connect this history to present-day research and cutting-edge technology!

Beekeeping Exhibit

"Bee" sure to visit our newest exhibit about beekeeping in Pennsylvania!

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