Our daughters toured many different college campuses looking for the right fit (eight different colleges of agriculture)...

Both were interested in agricultural related fields and wanted to attend a university that would provide outstanding opportunities while meeting their individual needs.

From our very first visit to meet with the student recruiter for the College of Agricultural Sciences they felt welcome. Penn State had so much to offer at the academic level as well as opportunities for internships and the ability to develop relationships with industry leaders. On that first visit we met the Dean and some of the academic advisors. They were friendly and promoted the one on one advising that we were looking for. What Penn State could put on the table far exceeded anything any other school could offer.

Our daughters say their time at Penn State far exceeded their expectations and they feel it was the best decision they ever made. As parents, we were confident our children made the right choice. Their learning was applicable to real life experiences in the agriculture industry and we are now proud parents of tomorrow’s agricultural leaders.

~Melanie C. from N.J. Parent of graduates Mary and Sara.