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Bruce Bugbee (second from left) and Kira Bowen (center), were the recipients of Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences Outstanding Alumni awards. They are shown with Ted Katsigianis (left), Joel Krall (second from right) and Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences Richard Roush (far right).
November 30, 2017

Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has named Kira Bowen, professor of plant pathology at Auburn University, and Bruce Bugbee, professor of environmental plant physiology at Utah State University, as 2017 Outstanding Alumni.

According to the EPA, the top three sources of anthropogenic methane in the United States are the combined energy sector, 40 percent of the total; livestock, 36 percent; and landfills, 18 percent. Methane emissions from livestock operations are the result of microbial fermentation and methanogenesis in the forestomach of ruminants such as these dairy cattle and similar fermentation processes in manure.
November 30, 2017

A new study of methane emissions from livestock in the United States — led by a researcher in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences — has challenged previous top-down estimates.

Elliot Redding was able to extend his love of the outdoors to his extracurricular activities by riding with the Penn State Cycling Club. He participated in races in Vermont, New Hampshire and northern Pennsylvania. In November, he won first place in the Men’s 19-29 division of the Raven Enduro race, a timed, five-stage race covering 22.1 miles.
November 29, 2017

Elliot Redding, a junior in landscape contracting, is taking full advantage of his time at Penn State to dig into the world of agriculture and find a career he is passionate about.

Low-temperature plasma jet is exposed to bacteria cultured in fetal bovine serum. The plasma is a source of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species with bactericidal properties. Similar technology produced in biologically-relevant liquids will be examined for a future treatment of endocarditis.
November 28, 2017

Researchers in Penn State’s Colleges of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, and Medicine have been awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering to investigate how low-temperature plasma can treat infectious bacterial growth on human tissue and prosthetic implants in the cardiovascular system.

The State High Chamber Singers and Penn State student a cappella group the Pennharmonics will perform a concert of popular and holiday tunes on the event lawn starting at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2017 at the Arboretum's Winter Celebration.
November 27, 2017

The Arboretum at Penn State invites the campus and community to welcome the holiday season at its annual Winter Celebration on Dec. 8.

Award winners, including recipients of the college's internship awards, mingled at the 2017 scholarship banquet.
November 27, 2017

Ten Penn State students have been selected as College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society 2017 Internship Award winners. The award, which includes a $1,000 stipend, was established to encourage students to participate in a credit or noncredit educational internship program that relates to their field of study.

The Nittany Lion Shrine on Penn State's University Park campus.
November 21, 2017

On Nov. 10, the Penn State Board of Trustees selected eight Penn State alumni to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award, the University's highest honor presented to its alumni. The following individuals have been officially notified of their selection by the Board and are invited to accept the award from the University in June 2018.

Many varieties of corn showing diversity of maize. Gene silencing can cause genes to not express, losing those traits in the final cob
November 21, 2017

For more than a century, plant geneticists have been studying maize as a model system to understand the rules governing the inheritance of traits, and a team of researchers recently unveiled a previously unknown mechanism that triggers gene silencing in corn.

November 20, 2017

Penn State startup company Phospholutions was one of 20 startups to participate in Association of Land Grant Universities' first-ever University Innovation Showcase, to help inform Capitol Hill staffers about the impact of research on economic development, held last weekend in Washington D.C.

Project Director Wayne Curtis and Penn State senior Morgan Shires transforming tomato cotyledon using Agrobacterium.
November 20, 2017

A Penn State-led research team is hoping to enlist insects as allies in an effort to make crops more tolerant of environmental stressors, after the crops are already growing in the greenhouse or field.

Penn State Cheese club members enjoy lectures on the nuances of cheese and its production. They also have events like cheese tastings, pairings, and even fondue. “We’re just try to educate as many people as possible on cheese tasting, manufacturing and cheese in general," 2017 Club President Amy King explained. 
November 17, 2017

The Cheese Club was founded in 2013 by animal science students with an interest in dairy science. Since then, involvement fairs and word-of-mouth advertising have helped club members reach students from across the University who share their love of cheese.

Veterans Day
November 17, 2017

The Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State has just released “Supporting United States Veterans: A review of veteran-focused needs assessments from 2008-2017.” The report reviewed veterans needs assessments from the past decade and identified the most common needs.

A USDA grant will support Penn State research aimed at enhancing sustainable, organic beekeeping methods and increasing economic returns for beekeepers.
November 17, 2017

A nearly $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will support Penn State researchers in determining best management practices for organic beekeeping by comparing organic and chemical-free to conventional management systems. The funding comes from the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative of USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Leftovers from holiday meals -- if not properly handled -- can lead to foodborne illness, according to Martin Bucknavage, senior food safety extension associate.
November 16, 2017

Leftovers from holiday meals — if not properly handled, including prompt refrigeration — can lead to foodborne illness, according to a food safety specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

November 15, 2017

Capt. Kenneth R. Haas, of Oakton, Virginia, a retired U.S. Navy officer and a 1953 Penn State dairy science alumnus, has paid tribute to his alma mater by establishing the Haas Family Scholarship in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

November 10, 2017

The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences today (Nov. 10) announced two $1 million gifts to endow positions in its Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Program. Both gifts have received matching funds from the university.

Studies estimate there are more than 3 million abandoned gas wells in the United States and up to 750,000 in Pennsylvania alone.
November 9, 2017

What is a reasonable estimate of abandoned natural gas wells in Pennsylvania? That will be the focus of a web-based seminar to be presented by Penn State Extension.

Mushrooms have higher quantities of two important anti-oxidants that may help with anti-aging treatments and strategies.
November 9, 2017

Mushrooms have more ergothioneine and glutathione together than any other food. Both of these are important antioxidants that previous research has linked to anti-aging treatments and strategies. Researchers are also exploring whether the antioxidants play a role in brain health.

Peng Deng, a postdoctoral fellow in Penn State's School of Electrical Engineering, makes adjustments to the MEMS laser beam optical communication system in his EE East lab. The steering of a visible tracking beam and an infrared laser are employed as the research team devises more efficient configurations for wireless data centers.
November 8, 2017

Penn State’s research expenditures reached a record high of $863 million for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, an increase of $27 million, according to Vice President for Research Neil Sharkey. The total included $534 million in federal funds, and $329 million from a combination of private funders, the Commonwealth, and university sources.

James Clapper talk
November 8, 2017

On the evening of Nov. 6, Penn State’s new Center for Security Research and Education hosted its inaugural guest speaker, Gen. James Clapper, former director of national intelligence in the Obama administration, in the Sutliff Auditorium of the Lewis Katz Building on the University Park campus of Penn State.