Crop and Soil Sciences 'Green Team' making a difference

Posted: April 28, 2011

The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences started a Green Team in December 2010 to promote and facilitate the adoption of "green" technologies and practices to reduce its environmental impact and reduce energy consumption.
Green Team Leader Linda Spangler

Green Team Leader Linda Spangler

"We believe we are making a difference one day at a time," said team leader Linda Spangler. "We are promoting 'green' practices, educating staff and students, investigating and testing new technologies and practices, and collaborating with other similar initiatives around the uniiversity."


Team members include Rick Day, Rob Dickerson, Lori Gomola, Scott Harkcom, Andrew Hunt, Cheryl Keller, Madeline Laubach and Paul Rebarchak.


Activities of the Green Team include:


--Making "Green Team" signs for various areas, offering tips to to save.

--Ordering compost bins for all department events. 

--Purchasing 30 percent recycled paper and paper towels.

--Reducing the use of paper cups at faculty meetings.

--Monitoring the amount of energy devices use.

--Being sure printer paper is used front and back.

--Setting up the Green Team Website on the department's intranet site.

--Implementing "The Tip of the Month" on the internal website and departmental bulletin board to communicate to the whole department what can be done to go green at Penn State and in the community.

--Collecting used batteries for the department and recycling them.


At the Agronomy Research Farm at Rock Springs, which is managed by the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, green activities include:

--Reducing electricity use.

--Replacing four single-pane office windows with energy-efficient windows.

--Recycling scrap steel and other metals.

--Recycling used oil.

--Recycling used pesticide containers.

--Installing a corn-burning furnace to supply heat for sample-drying ovens instead of relying on three electric, forced-hot-air furnaces.

--Using a blend of 10 percent biodiesel in diesel-powered equipment.