'Food of the gods' genome sequence could make finest chocolate better
December 26, 2010
The production of high quality chocolate, and the farmers who grow it, will benefit from the recent sequencing and assembly of the chocolate tree genome, according to an international team led by Claire Lanaud of CIRAD, France, with Mark Guiltinan of Penn State, and including scientists from 18 other institutions....
Video: Penn State helps turkey farmer blaze path
December 22, 2010
When Pennsylvania farmer Mac Curtis stopped and evaluated his turkey operation in Snyder County, he realized he needed to do something about his high heating bills, the comfort of his birds and compliance with federal mandates to clean up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Curtis quickly discovered the Litter Incinerator Hot Water Boiler -- a piece of ...
Penn State faculty receive prestigious land-grant awards
December 20, 2010
Two faculty members in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences were recognized for outstanding teaching and other contributions by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities at its recent 123rd annual meeting in Dallas, Texas....
New case estimates show foodborne illness still a big problem
December 17, 2010
New estimates on the number of foodborne illness cases that occur each year in the United States, just released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, show that food safety remains a concern in this country, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
Penn State Extension offering natural gas taxation, finance workshops
December 17, 2010
Penn State Cooperative Extension will be hosting three Natural Gas Taxation and Finance Workshops across the state in January. ...
Student Stories: International Ag grad takes on Caribbean farm
December 17, 2010
For now, Timothy Silberg has chosen making memories over making money. Recently the Bucks County, Pa., native had to decide between what he saw as cushy jobs with Tyson Foods or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or embarking on a journey to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to be the sole manager of a farm....
Keep food safety in mind when preparing for holiday celebrations
December 17, 2010
The holidays are a special time -- family, friends, food and more food. But many of the folks handling the preparations are not used to cooking for large groups, and it is easy for them to overlook some important practices, warns a food-safety expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Penn State presence pervasive at the State Farm Show
December 13, 2010
If you need advice on home gardening, stink bugs or how to manage your diet if you have diabetes, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences might have just the information you're looking for at the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show, Jan. 8-15 in Harrisburg, Pa. ...
Horse specialist Comerford wins outstanding service award
December 9, 2010
Patricia Comerford, extension equine specialist in Dairy and Animal Science, received the 2010 Outstanding Service Award in special ceremonies at the recent Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup in Louisville, Ky.
Pennsylvania's new food-safety law initiates major changes
December 8, 2010
A new law recently adopted by the state Legislature will have some immediate and important impacts on eating establishments in Pennsylvania, according to a food-safety expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
Early income-tax filing may not be your best deal
December 7, 2010
The early bird doesn't always get the worm. Moreover, said a consumer-finance expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, being in a hurry to file your federal income tax forms in pursuit of a quick refund isn't always the best idea....
Forest education program branching out, reaching youth
December 6, 2010
Two years ago, Penn State's School of Forest Resources and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry teamed up to offer a free program to teach youth about forests and the concept of forest stewardship. Since then, more than 5,000 youths have participated. ...
A primer on Marcellus Shale geology and technology offered in webinar
December 6, 2010
By now, many are aware of the huge volume of natural gas held in the deeply buried Marcellus Shale formation and its enormous economic potential for Pennsylvania and neighboring states. For those who want to learn more about the Marcellus "play," Penn State Cooperative Extension is offering a free, Web-based seminar at 1 p.m. on Dec. 16, titled ...
Video: Odor Assessment Lab tries to tone down farm odors
December 6, 2010
As more people move to rural areas, farmers and non-farming residents have become next-door neighbors, and nuisance odors from farms have become a problem. Watch a video about Penn State's Odor Assessment Lab to find out how researchers are working to calculate odor levels so they can determine and share effective odor-reduction practices. ...
Returning adult student turns hobby into college degree
December 2, 2010
Five years ago, a visiting professor from France, who was staying at Marilyn McPheron's home, encouraged her to go back to school "because you'd like it." And so she did. McPheron will graduate in December with a bachelor of fine arts degree in printmaking, finally fulfilling a childhood dream she had long ago pushed aside in favor of working and ...
Publication addresses water withdrawals for Marcellus gas drilling
December 1, 2010
Penn State Cooperative Extension has released an updated version of a publication that addresses the rapidly changing topic of water withdrawals for Marcellus Shale gas drilling....
Invasive pest danger closer than you think
December 1, 2010
In Australia, when crossing from one state to another, travelers may encounter a quarantine stop and may be required to forfeit recently purchased fruits and vegetables as a hedge against invasive pests. But in the U.S., crossing state lines is freewheeling, according to researchers from the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, who evaluated the ...
Once and for all: Buying a real Christmas tree is a good thing
December 1, 2010
The question of whether it is environmentally correct to buy a real Christmas tree has been asked repeatedly in recent years, and an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences wants to lay it to rest permanently. ...
Penn State survey to study nutrient, manure management for horse farms
November 29, 2010
Responding to new demands on Pennsylvania's equine industry concerning nutrient and manure management on horse farms, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is surveying the state's horse-farm owners and managers to gauge their understanding of the challenges of pasture development and manure regulation. ...
Burning wood still an economical and sustainable way to help heat home
November 23, 2010
At today's fuel prices, burning wood remains a wise and viable option to reduce home-heating bills, according to a forest resources expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
Student Stories: Education, internships readied her for awesome career
November 23, 2010
Growing up in the little town of Summerdale, Pa., near Harrisburg, Brianna Hrusko never suspected that she would land a job most would envy, or that her job would take her around the world. ...
Food Science faculty member receives Rasmussen professorship
November 19, 2010
Ryan Elias, assistant professor of food science in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, recently received the inaugural Frederik Sr. and Faith E. Rasmussen Career Development Professorship in Food Science. ...
State senator receives Friend of Extension award
November 19, 2010
State Sen. Michael Waugh, who represents the 28th District in York County, has received the Friend of Extension Award from the Pennsylvania chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi, a national organization dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in the Cooperative Extension System and developing the Extension profession and professional....
Safety reminders, advice offered for field dressing, processing deer
November 19, 2010
For hunters lucky enough to bag a deer in the upcoming seasons, a food-safety specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences offers some advice to properly field dress and store the carcass, and then process the meat. ...
Kids at the Child Development Lab help to celebrate volunteer's 95th
November 19, 2010
Children at Penn State's Child Development Lab (CDL) celebrated the 95th birthday of one of their favorite volunteers -- Norene Bigelow, affectionately known as "Grandma Norene." The children surprised her on Thursday, Nov. 18 with a special song, which they wrote and performed with local children's musician Mark Ross. They also presented her with ...
Campus mourns the death of slain alumnus, David L. Grove
November 15, 2010
Penn State Mont Alto is mourning the loss of one of its alums, David L. Grove, who was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 11, 2010. A wildlife conservation officer, Grove attended the campus from 2000 to 2002 before completing his bachelor's degree in wildlife sciences from the College of Agricultural Sciences at University Park in 2004. He was ...
Calvin named director of Penn State Cooperative Extension
November 15, 2010
Dennis Calvin, who has served as interim director of Penn State Cooperative Extension since July 2009, has assumed the role on a permanent basis. Craig Weidemann, vice president for Penn State Outreach, and Bruce McPheron, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, made the announcement during this month's Cooperative Extension annual ...
Hunters may be surprised by level of Marcellus Shale gas activities
November 12, 2010
Pennsylvania hunters venturing out this fall may be surprised by the level of disturbance and activity on public lands in the northcentral, northeastern and southwestern regions of the state, according to a wildlife expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Food Science graduate student honored
November 11, 2010
Ellen Mahan, a master's degree candidate in Food Science, received the Herbert Stone Award for Outstanding Presentation of Leadership from the Society of Sensory Professionals at the group's conference, Oct. 27-29.
Book, research explore whether fish feel pain
November 10, 2010
Do fish feel pain? The question is so troubling that many wish it were not even asked in a serious way, let alone answered. Penn State professor of fisheries and biology Victoria Braithwaite asks this question in her recently published book, "Do Fish Feel Pain?"
Central Pennsylvania is a great place to watch migrating raptors
November 10, 2010
As raptors migrate over Pennsylvania this fall, the number of bald eagles among them is close to an all-time high, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
New state regulations to deal with gas drilling in Marcellus Shale
November 5, 2010
As the natural-gas drilling boom into the deep Marcellus Shale formation has unfolded, state regulators have become increasingly aware of pollution risks to ground and surface water, and they have scrambled to develop regulations to protect valuable natural resources....
Penn State Extension forms Marcellus Educational Consortium
November 4, 2010
In support of its efforts to disseminate research-based information on natural-gas-related issues to Pennsylvanians, Penn State Cooperative Extension has joined with several key business firms to form the Penn State Marcellus Educational Consortium. The group's goals are to provide expertise on Marcellus topics and to facilitate discussions among ...
Penn State Ag Council honors agricultural leaders
November 3, 2010
Pennsylvania's secretary of agriculture, a college student from Carlisle and a statewide youth organization were honored when the Penn State Ag Council presented its 2010 Leadership Awards at the council's fall delegate meeting Oct. 28....
Water management for Marcellus Shale gas production a growing issue
November 3, 2010
The natural-gas industry is pursuing ways to minimize potential environmental impacts during development of the rich Marcellus Shale formation, such as by treating and re-using wastewater produced during the process. However, according to one Penn State expert, as the Marcellus natural-gas play grows, the demand for water for hydraulic fracturing ...
Canned venison a better alternative to grinding your bounty
November 2, 2010
Deer hunting is an old tradition worth preserving, and when it comes to preserving venison, according to a food scientist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, an old traditional method for preserving meat might be best....
Adams County educator receives 2010 Buckstopper Award
November 2, 2010
Judy Chambers, economic and community development educator with Penn State Cooperative Extension in Adams County, is the recipient of the Buckstopper Award for her leadership of the new "Local Governance" flagship extension program.
Soil Judging Team places 2nd in regional event
November 2, 2010
Penn State's student soil judging team finished second overall in the Northeast Collegiate Soil Judging Contest held in late October at Penn State.
Food scientist Beelman retires after 40 years
November 1, 2010
Food science researcher Robert Beelman recently retired from Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences after 40 years of service.
Penn State shares award from U.S. Department of Agriculture
October 28, 2010
The National Food Industry MarketMaker project, in which Penn State collaborates, has been recognized with the 2010 Partnership Award for multistate efforts by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)....
Dairy leader Galliker recognized as Penn State Alumni Fellow
October 28, 2010
Louis Galliker, who graduated from Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences in 1956 with a degree in dairy science, was one of 23 Penn State alumni recognized recently for outstanding professional accomplishments and given the title of Alumni Fellow by the University....
Student Stories: Internship immerses Ag Ed student in India
October 28, 2010
Jenna Moser had a pretty good idea of what to expect when she arrived in India for her two-month-long internship last summer -- she had done some research on the standard of living in parts of the country -- but still she found herself unprepared for the squalid conditions she would witness....
Be careful with treats at Halloween
October 26, 2010
Parents and guardians of children, as well as those in households distributing treats, should remember some important points for keeping kids safe during trick-or-treating that occurs over the Halloween holiday, according to a food-safety expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Block and Bridle livestock club reaches student endowment milestone
October 26, 2010
Penn State's leading student agricultural club has reached an important fundraising milestone in its efforts to establish a scholarship endowment. Block and Bridle, an organization for undergraduate students interested in animal sciences, has raised $20,000 -- the first stage in its goal to establish a $100,000 endowment....
Restaurant customers willing to pay more for local food
October 26, 2010
Not only are restaurant patrons willing to pay more for meals prepared with produce and meat from local providers, the proportion of customers preferring local meals actually increases when the price increases, according to a team of international researchers....
Ag Secretary Redding meets with, encourages Ag Advocates
October 22, 2010
Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding this week urged a group of students from Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences to remain ambassadors for agriculture long after they graduate.
Student Stories: Environmental Resources graduate emerges in Bay
October 22, 2010
Penn State alumna Victoria Kilbert dove head first into the job market and resurfaced in the Chesapeake Bay. Sort of. After graduating from the College of Agricultural Sciences in 2008 with a degree in environmental resource management, Kilbert tried various jobs before arriving in Annapolis, Md., where she now works as part of a Chesapeake Bay ...
Webinar addresses water management for Marcellus gas production
October 19, 2010
Penn State hydrogeologist and extension associate David Yoxtheimer and Tony Gaudlip of Range Resources will be featured speakers during a free Web-based seminar titled, "Water Use and Water Reuse/Recycling in Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration and Production," which will air Thursday, Oct. 21, at 1 p.m.
Students get up close and personal with migrating songbirds
October 15, 2010
Every weekend since the end of August, a group of Penn State wildlife and fisheries science students have been learning to band birds along the edge of a wooded area at the Arboretum at Penn State. The students are working under the direction of Emily Thomas, a 2009 Penn State graduate and a master's candidate in wildlife and fisheries science. To ...
Sweeter, brighter apples signal end of strange growing season
October 15, 2010
You might have already noticed -- Pennsylvania apples in stores and markets this fall are more vividly colored and tastier than usual. That's just a sweet end to a very strange fruit-growing season, according to a Penn State tree-fruit specialist. ...
This year's Pennsylvania pumpkins smaller due to low rainfall
October 14, 2010
A hot, dry summer this year may have affected pumpkin crops in some regions of Pennsylvania, but that doesn't mean consumers will have trouble finding the right gourd for their Halloween jack-o-lanterns, according to a Penn State horticulture specialist. ...
$1.4 million grant to fund research on alternative pollinators
October 13, 2010
Fruits and nuts are high-value crops in the Mid-Atlantic states and are being heavily impacted by honeybee shortages for pollination. A new $1.4 million grant from the USDA NIFA Specialty Crops Research Initiative (SCRI) program to Penn State will look into future impacts on fruit pollination and the development of alternative pollinators to ...
West Virginia college recognizes Penn State faculty members
October 13, 2010
Three College of Agricultural Sciences faculty members will be honored by Potomac State College of West Virginia University for alumni achievement.
Entomologist recognized for apicultural work
October 8, 2010
Dennis vanEngelsdorp, senior extension associate in entomology, has been recognized for his work by the Eastern Apiculture Society.
Genetically altered corn helps nonmodified crop by killing pests
October 7, 2010
Transgenic corn's resistance to pests has benefited even nontransgenic corn, according to agricultural researchers and entomologists....
Grace appointed Penn State Goddard Chair in Forest Resources
October 7, 2010
James Grace, deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, was recently selected as the new Maurice K. Goddard chair in forestry and environmental resource conservation in Penn State's School of Forest Resources....
Student Stories: Alum teaches students about diversity of agriculture
October 6, 2010
On weekdays, John Siefert's day begins at 7 a.m. He has to feed the animals, prepare labs and answer e-mails. No, Siefert isn't a farmer, or a researcher. He's a teacher at Conrad Weiser High School in Berks County, Pennsylvania....
Animations show extent of Marcellus Shale development
October 5, 2010
The pace and extent of Marcellus Shale development across Pennsylvania can be "seen" in animated maps produced by the Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research. Based on data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the animations show both the number of drilling permits issued for the Marcellus Shale target and ...
Great Insect Fair draws crowd
October 4, 2010
Visitors flocked to Penn State's Great Insect Fair on Saturday, Oct. 2. Sponsored by the College of Agricultural Sciences' Department of Entomology, the fair featured games, educational displays, insect-related arts and crafts, a butterfly tent, an insect petting zoo and of course, the Insect Fair's insect deli, where visitors were able to sample ...
Researchers seek elusive answers to stink-bug infestations
October 4, 2010
Many homes and orchards in the mid-Atlantic region have been overrun by the brown marmorated stink bug, the latest in what seems to be a steady stream of exotic, invasive insects that have found their way into the United States in recent years. And as with many of its fellow interlopers -- such as the Asian longhorned beetle and the emerald ash ...
Student Stories: Food Science grad had early focus on enology
October 1, 2010
Denise Gardner knew she liked wine before she even tasted it. The Reading, Pa., native, who grew up in tiny Robesonia, Pa., was sure of her interest in the wine industry when applying to college. When Gardner decided to attend Penn State, she chose to major in Food Science and minor in Horticulture. She knew her education would prepare her well ...
Balance is key to nursing lawn and garden through dry spell
September 28, 2010
Pennsylvania's recently declared drought watches and warnings present a dilemma for the state's home gardeners and professional landscapers: How do they satisfy thirsty landscapes and the state Department of Environmental Protection at the same time? A horticulturist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences said that any drought tactics ...
Growing drought threatening well-water levels across state
September 24, 2010
After months of very little rainfall, and with long-term weather forecasts predicting little improvement through fall and early winter, well owners across the state have begun to grow uneasy, according to a groundwater expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Eight named Outstanding Alumni by Penn State College of Ag Sciences
September 24, 2010
Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has honored eight of its graduates with 2010 Outstanding Alumni Awards. The awards recognize alumni for their achievements and provide opportunities for recipients to interact with the college's faculty, students and other alumni....
Pennsylvania farmers struggling to deal with drought
September 24, 2010
Pennsylvania farmers dealing with a precipitation deficit approaching 9 inches below average are trying to make the best of a parched situation, according to experts in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Student Stories: Food Science grad lands sweet deal at Hershey
September 23, 2010
Hilary Peterson came to Penn State in 2005 to major in Food Science and ended up with a sumptuously sweet deal four years later. After graduating in 2009, she took her dream job with the Mecca of candy corporations, the Hershey Company. ...
Expert: Drought conditions to dampen foliage display
September 23, 2010
If it seems to you, as you drive around Pennsylvania, that the leaves on many trees began turning colors early this year, it's because they have, according to a forest expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
'Bugs are Green' at Penn State's Great Insect Fair
September 23, 2010
Out of concern for our natural resources, many people recycle waste materials. But they may not realize that insects are the ultimate recyclers. Visitors to Penn State's Great Insect Fair, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 2, can discover how bugs help us recycle in the environment. Sponsored by the College of Agricultural Sciences' Department of ...
County Commissioners Association honors Penn State Extension
September 21, 2010
Penn State Cooperative Extension has received the 2010 Friend of County Government Award from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. The award recognized Extension for its leadership and partnership with the commonwealth's county governments and for its educational efforts on issues related to Marcellus Shale natural-gas exploration....
ATVs are focus of Farm Safety Week
September 18, 2010
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) provide a fun means to keep physically fit, enjoy quality family time and accomplish work, but they also pose risks, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Researchers developing way to distinguish between salmonella strains
September 17, 2010
As scientists with the federal government search for the source of the salmonella that made thousands of people sick this summer and trace how it spread, researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences are developing a new and more accurate method of acquiring the bacteria's identity. ...
Analysis of the Chocolate Genome Could Lead to Improvement
September 16, 2010
The sequencing and analysis of the genome for the Criollo variety of the cacao tree, generally considered to produce the world's finest chocolate, was completed by an international team led by Claire Lanaud of CIRAD, France, with Mark Guiltinan of Penn State, and included scientists from 18 other institutions....
Webinar series to help ag entrepreneurs use social media
September 13, 2010
To help farm-related enterprises reap the benefits of social networking tools, Penn State Cooperative Extension's Ag Entrepreneurship program will sponsor a series of Web-based seminars this fall. Each webinar will address at least one social networking tool and how it can be used by operators of farms and other ag businesses to market their ...
Avian pathologist Dunn chosen as president-elect of national association
September 13, 2010
Patricia Dunn, senior research associate in veterinary and biomedical sciences, has been elected president-elect of the American Association of Avian Pathologists.
Pennsylvania parents may rate extra tax credit for children in college
September 13, 2010
Federal income tax experts estimate that the families of many Pennsylvania undergraduate college students may have missed out on a valuable tax credit when they filed their 2009 income tax return. But a consumer-finance specialist with Penn State Cooperative Extension says it's not too late to take advantage of this credit, which is also available ...
The Poet's Perspective: Video of 'Living in the Barn'
September 13, 2010
Robin Becker, the 2010-11 Penn State laureate and professor of English and women's studies at the University, is sharing several of her poems via video during the 2010-11 academic year, aiming to engage people "in the deep pleasures of poetry -- language crafted and shaped from words, the 'ordinary' material we all use every day," to explore how ...
Jobs outlook bright for students in ag and natural-resource sciences
September 10, 2010
With the nationwide unemployment rate hovering over 9 percent, many new and recent college graduates are struggling to find jobs in their chosen fields. But graduates in food, agricultural and environmental sciences are in demand, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Survey measures residents' attitudes about Marcellus exploration
September 10, 2010
While energy companies continue to search beneath Pennsylvania for natural gas, Penn State social scientists are looking for ways to tap into the attitudes of residents about the gas-exploration boom in the region. ...
Penn State Extension program helps to battle childhood obesity
September 9, 2010
New data show that childhood obesity in the United States is rising exponentially, and the alarming increase is indicative of an environmental issue, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Home canning on the rise again, but do it safely, expert warns
September 8, 2010
Sometimes old ideas are the best ideas, and certainly home canning is one of those. But despite generations of practice, many don't do it properly, warns a food-safety expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences....
Student Stories: Student teaches special-needs girls in Costa Rica
September 8, 2010
From on-campus blood drives to THON -- Penn State's famous dance marathon -- Penn Staters definitely do not lack philanthropic initiative, and Sarah Peterson is a good example. Last summer, the Immunology and Infectious Disease major in the College of Agricultural Sciences travelled to Heredia, Costa Rica, and volunteered to teach special-needs ...
Retired professor and wife endow undergraduate teaching award
September 8, 2010
Paul R. Shellenberger, professor emeritus of dairy science, and his wife, Joan M. Shellenberger, have committed $25,000 to Penn State to create an award honoring outstanding teachers in the College of Agricultural Sciences....
Craig Elected NACAA Vice President
September 7, 2010
Paul Craig, Penn State Cooperative Extension educator in Dauphin County, recently was elected as vice president of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents at its annual meeting.
Growing Roundup-resistant weed problem must be dealt with, expert says
September 3, 2010
When Penn State weed scientist David Mortensen told members of the U.S. House Oversight Committee this summer that the government should restrict the use of herbicide-tolerant crops and impose a tax on biotech seeds to fund research and educational programs for farmers, it caused quite a stir. The growing problem with weeds that have become ...
'Miracle tree' may help provide clean water to developing countries
September 3, 2010
Often called the "miracle tree" for its potential to provide food, fuel and water in harsh environments, the moringa oleifera tree is at the center of a new effort by three Penn State engineers to provide clean drinking water to the developing world. The work -- funded by a year-long, $10,000 Environmental Protection Agency P3 grant -- seeks to ...
Wading through water-test results subject of webinar
September 3, 2010
When it comes to water-test results, one of the murkiest problems facing homeowners is how to interpret the results, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. And with the flood of Marcellus shale gas-drilling activity in Pennsylvania, there has been a steadily rising tide of information about water availability, ...
Stefanou receives national award
September 2, 2010
Spiro Stefanou, professor of agricultural economics, recently received the Presidential Special Recognition Award from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.
Picky eating in youngsters -- it's about independence
September 2, 2010
We all have foods we dislike, and some of us might be termed picky eaters, but when we have to deal with a youngster who refuses to eat the food we prepare -- the experience can be frustrating, acknowledges an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
Ag LEAP students enjoy overnighter to Chesapeake Bay
August 26, 2010
Penn State offers new students nearly limitless options through its Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP), designed to help freshmen interact with peers, take advantage of university resources and ease the transition to the college life. ...
Penn State helped create program that has reduced Salmonella in eggs
August 26, 2010
Although a Salmonella scare and egg recall is taking place across much of the country, Pennsylvania-produced eggs are safer to eat, according to poultry experts in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.That's thanks to a program Penn State researchers helped Keystone State egg producers start almost two decades ago, which was the model for ...
Unusual feed supplement could ease greenhouse gassy cows
August 26, 2010
Cow belches, a major source of greenhouse gases, could be decreased by an unusual feed supplement developed by a Penn State dairy scientist....
Expert says frying pan may be best weapon against Salmonella in eggs
August 25, 2010
As investigators track a Salmonella outbreak that has forced the recall of more than a half-billion eggs, a specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says consumers have a simple means of protecting themselves from foodborne illness....
Kids' schedules important, especially when heading back to school
August 25, 2010
The return to school marks an abrupt transition in a family's routine. It forces children into a schedule that in turn affects playtime, sleep and other free time. ...
Safeguarding U.S. agriculture is aim of Penn State program
August 24, 2010
At a time when two of the nation's largest egg producers have issued a 550 million egg recall because of reports of potential salmonella contamination, it is clear that the issue of vulnerability in America's agricultural and food production systems remains a vital concern. Salmonella bacteria, like other human disease-causing organisms, can cause ...
Penn State researchers 'whet' teen students' interest in water cycle
August 22, 2010
A dry steambed in a small wooded valley near Penn State's Stone Valley Recreation Area became a "living" laboratory Wednesday (Aug. 18) for a group of high school students getting an early taste of earth science from University researchers. Using soil moisture probes and water-level sensors, the teens sampled 16 sites to determine the depth of the ...
New Holland helps provide latest technology to ag sciences students
August 20, 2010
The New Holland building at Penn State's Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, Pa., was bustling with kids clambering across tractors and farmers looking to upgrade their fleets. And Penn State alumni, in official New Holland polo shirts, were everywhere, answering questions about the company's products. ...
Aquatic invaders can topple plant and fish populations in Northeast
August 20, 2010
The introduction of species like "Frankenfish" or "Rock Snot" into Pennsylvania waters doesn't sound pretty, and it's not. These are just two of the more colorful nicknames for aquatic invaders, but the innocent-sounding ones -- such as parrot feather or water chestnut -- also have the capacity to spell doom for some local ponds and streams....
Huge challenges in scaling up biofuels infrastructure
August 19, 2010
Ramping up biofuels production to replace fossil fuels and provide a significant portion of the nation's energy will require nothing short of a transformation of the U.S. agricultural, transportation and energy sectors in the next few decades, according to a bioenergy expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. ...
Penn State launches new education, research center on Marcellus Shale
August 18, 2010
Penn State is creating an education and research center focused on the Marcellus Shale to help state agencies, elected officials, communities, landowners, industry and environmental groups protect the Commonwealth's water resources, forests and transportation infrastructure while advocating for a science-based and responsible approach to handling ...
Snacking revisited: Done properly, it's not a bad thing
August 17, 2010
Turns out, for most people, eating between meals may not be such a bad thing after all....