Posted: June 16, 2017

Put your notebooks away, turn off your cell phones, and test your knowledge.

Let's see how much you remember with these questions from finals throughout the college.

1. What natural source of nitrates and nitrites is added to cured meats, such as bacon, that are labeled "nitrate/nitrite-free"?

A. Celery salt
B. Thyme
C. Dextrose

Food Science 408, Food Microbiology

2. On average, how often would you expect an unspayed female cat to come into heat during the late spring to early fall if she is not mated?

A. Every 10-14 days
B. Every month
C. Every two months
D. Twice per year

Animal Science 415, Companion Animal Behavior

3. Insurance companies are important partners in construction projects because they can provide:

A. Required information for creating general specifications
B. Performance bonds
C. Pre-solicitation notices
D. Information for use in advertisements for bids

Horticulture 468, Landscape Estimating and Bidding

4. What chemical element is present in all proteins but not in all carbohydrates or fats?

A. Carbon
B. Nitrogen
C. Sulfur
D. Phosphorus
E. Hydrogen

5. Where is interstitial fluid mainly found?

A. Within cells
B. In the small intestine
C. Between cells
D. In the circulatory system

Animal Science 201, Animal Science

6. What is the best time of the year to see fern flowers?

7. Where would you find a tepal on a plant?

Forest Science 303, Forest Herbs


1. A
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. C
6. None, ferns do not produce flowers
7. A tepal is one of the outer parts of a flower.