Posted: January 9, 2018

Put your notebooks away, turn off your cell phones, and test your knowledge.

Let's see how much you remember with these questions from finals throughout the college.

1. On average, how many times in one year would you expect an unspayed adult female dog to come into heat?

A. 1-2 times
B. 3-4 times
C. 8-9 times
D. 10-12 times

Animal Science 415: Companion Animal Behavior

2. What is the difference between a drupe and a berry?

Forest Science 303: Forest Herbs

3. Which of the following best indicates the animal's head area?

A. Caudal
B. Ventral
C. Posterior
D. Cranial
E. Dorsal

4. Which of these bases is included in DNA but not RNA?

A. Guanine
B. Adenine
C. Thymine
D. Cytosine
E. Uracil

Animal Science 201: Introduction to Animal Science

5. Which product currently available in the supermarket is treated by high-pressure processing to increase shelf-life?

A. Cheese Whiz
B. Frozen orange juice
C. Guacamole

Food Science 408: Food Microbiology

6. Contract documents do not provide a description of:

A. Quality of workmanship required
B. Physical relationship between materials
C. How to price equipment and materials
D. All are addressed in the contract docs

Horticulture 468: Landscape Estimating and Bidding

7. Which of the following species are used the most in biomedical research?

A. Rats and mice
B. Non-human primates
C. Dogs and cats
D. Guinea pigs

Animal Science 215: Pets in Society


  1. A
  2. A drupe is a plant fruit in which an outer fleshy layer surrounds a pit or stone with a seed inside; a berry lacks a stone, instead having numerous seeds embedded in a fleshy matrix
  3. D
  4. C
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A