Posted: December 21, 2016

In 2014, the College of Agricutural Sciences Alumni Society pledged $100,000 to create a new endowment in support of student scholarships. Now, the society is doubling down to enhance that fund and help more students with their educational expenses.

Another pledge of $100,000 from the society will boost the principle of the College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society Trustee Scholarship endowment. Because the endowment was created when the University was offering an enhanced 10 percent annual match for Trustee Scholarships--up from the current rate of 5 percent--the new pledge will be matched at this enhanced rate. The University match continues in perpetuity, multiplying the support available for students with financial need.

The College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society is a constituent group under the Penn State Alumni Association umbrella. Its mission is to connect, serve, and recognize alumni, students, and faculty by fostering relationships, commitment, and pride.

"The society's top priority is student support, which includes enhancing education, ensuring student opportunities, enriching student experiences, fostering creativity, and providing financial support through the society's three endowments," said Eric Cowden, alumni society president. "Investing in these endowments allows the society to invest in the next generation--the future of our agricultural industry."