Sharpen Your Pencils!

Put your notebooks away, turn off your cell phones, and test your knowledge. Let’s see how much you remember  with these questions from finals throughout the college.

1. Which of the following is the major terrestrial (land-dwelling) reservoir species for the rabies virus in Pennsylvania?

  1. Raccoon
  2. Skunk
  3. Cat
  4. Dog

From AN SC 215 Pets in Society

2. For equipment you own, which one of the following is an equipment operating cost?

  1. Insurance costs B. Depreciation C. Financing fees D. Fuel costs

From HORT 468 Landscape Estimating and Bidding

3. What is probably the major reason sulfur deficiency has not been a common problem in Pennsylvania?

  1. Regular use of sulfur fertilizer
  2. Sulfur in acid rain
  3. Significant amount of gypsum in Pennsylvania soils
  4. Predominance of sandy soils

4. Generally, how long will it take for the soil pH to achieve the target pH if a normal, finely ground limestone is applied and mixed with the soil by tillage?

  1. A few hours
  2. A few days
  3. A few months
  4. A few years

From SOILS 402 Soil Nutrient Behavior and Management

5. Ice cores enable us to reconstruct climate and atmospheric composition because

  1. Bubbles in the ice trap gas
  2. Ice thickness in a given year is correlated to temperature
  3. Oxygen-isotope-depleted snow indicates low temperature
  4. Both A and B
  5. Both A and C

From FOR 201GN Global Change and Ecosystems

6. Herding, in dogs, is most like which of the following wolf behaviors?

  1. Reproductive behavior
  2. Maternal behavior
  3. Hunting behavior
  4. Dominance behavior

From AN SC 415 Companion Animal Behavior

7. Building codes require that deck beams be attached to posts in what manner?

  1. Construction adhesive and carriage bolts
  2. ThruLok bolts
  3. Notching into posts
  4. Angle brackets

From HORT 464 Landscape Construction I


1. A, 2. D, 3. B, 4. D, 5. E, 6. A, 7. C.