Ag in Southeast Asia

Students travel to Cambodia and Thailand to assist small farmers.

A group of 12 Penn State students traveled to Thailand and Cambodia last winter to witness recent agricultural developments that could play a role in alleviating poverty and ending world hunger.

Through an embedded trip in a combined horticulture and international agriculture course in the college, the students focused specifically on how operators of small farms in those countries balance the needs of producing food with the needs of their diverse environments.

The course was designed to help students achieve a better understanding of Southeast Asia, in general, and help them identify critical issues facing small agricultural systems in that region.

“Pest problems in the developing world are of great concern because personal protective equipment rarely is worn when pesticides are applied,” said Jennie Diehl, a senior horticulture major. “Seeing improper pesticide use in these countries made me grateful for the regulations we have in the United States.”

—Hannah Lane