Jacket and tie? Skirt or slacks? Uh-oh, is that a typo on my résumé? OMG, what am I going to say to them?

Interviewing for jobs can be stressful for new graduates. That’s why the Ag Alumni Society hosts an annual Mentoring Workshop for students that focuses, in part, on interviewing skills.

In September, two weeks prior to Ag Career Day, eight accomplished alumni and leaders in the agriculture industry—including an attorney who focuses on agriculture-related issues, a communications director from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, an official at the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and an alumnus who works for the Hershey Company—shared valuable knowledge, offered expert advice, and answered students’ questions to help prepare them for the working world.

This year’s workshop topics included “21st Century Interviewing,” “Marketing Your Experiential Learning,” “Dress for Success,”  “The 10-Second Sell: Keys to Success in Networking,” and “Your New Best Friend in Getting a Job: Social Media,” among other topics.

Nearly 120 students took advantage of the program. Those who did were eligible to receive a free professional headshot photograph. In addition, 30 students had the opportunity to register for a special etiquette dinner.

“The etiquette dinner was new this year,” said Naomi Knaub, director of alumni relations. “Students received a complimentary four-course meal hosted by a professional from University career services. The group talked about etiquette at the dinner table, but also about professional etiquette, in general. It was fantastic.”

—Sara LaJeunesse