Ag Alumni Society Interns: Where Are They Now?

What have you been up to since graduation?

Currently, I am a commercial lines field manager in the Agribusiness Division of Westfield Insurance.

My role is to customize insurance policies for large farming and commercial agribusinesses. Agriculture is such a unique business that it is important to create insurance policies that will respond to the unique exposures presented in large agricultural operations.

How has your degree from the college helped you in your career?

When creating an insurance policy it is very important and helpful to have firsthand knowledge about how your clients operate their business. If I can relate to and understand what is important to a client, then I can apply insurance coverage to those items of the utmost importance.

Why did you decide to join the alumni society board?

I decided to join the alumni society board to stay connected to Penn State. The alumni society played a large part in my time at Penn State by offering a scholarship that I received as well as the mentoring workshop. I also think that the link between students and alumni is very important; there is so much that can be learned from each other.

What advice do you have for current students?

My advice to current students is to stay involved after they graduate. Penn State offers a great network of resources, and the connections made can be very helpful both professionally and personally.

—Emily Bartlett