A New Scholarship Is Born

The College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society has created a Trustee Scholarship to maximize the impact of private giving and direct funds to students as quickly as possible.

The new endowment, created through a $100,000 gift by the alumni society, will assist students in the college with a demonstrated financial need. Funding students is a critical part of the alumni society’s mission to connect, serve, and recognize alumni, students, and faculty members by fostering relationships, commitment, and pride.

As a new endowment created during the For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students, the Trustee Scholarship is eligible for an annual 10 percent match from Penn State of the total pledge. The match level is an increase from the program’s original 5 percent, and was only available for endowments of $50,000 or more. The For the Future Campaign concluded June 30, 2014.