Master Gardeners Get Pollinator-Friendly Certified with Penn State

Pollinators—bees, wasps, flies, beetles, moths, butterflies, and other insects—are responsible for one of every three bites of food that we eat. But many pollinators are in decline due to factors that include loss of feeding and nesting habitat and misuse of pesticides.

Pennsylvanians can help by creating landscapes for these insects and certifying them as “pollinator friendly” with Penn State Extension Master Gardeners. This program aims to raise awareness of the plight of pollinators and show gardeners how they can help.

Residents can certify their yards by filling out the application from the website and mailing it with a $10 processing fee. Properties that meet pollinator-friendly criteria are eligible to purchase a beautiful yard sign. Just go to the 
Center for Pollinator Research website,, to learn about pollinators and find out more.

To date, over 230 gardens have been certified in 40 counties.

Connie Schmotzer

Connie Schmotzer is a consumer horticulture educator with Penn State Extension in York County.