Five Things You Might Not Know About Your New President

In July, Roxanne Molnar ’99 Food Sci became president of the Ag Alumni Society. You’ve probably seen her at alumni events, but did you know these fun facts about her?

Roxanne Molnar

  1. “Working from home” has a different meaning in her house. Roxanne might be home most days, but she’s running the 74,000-bird family poultry operation as a contractor for Bell and Evans.
  2. Dairy Science Club gave her a headache in college. She was kicked in the head at the Fall Classic one year. And despite her trauma (she needed stitches), she still dressed up as a cow for the club in the Homecoming parade.
  3. She’s an athlete. She started college at Penn State Berks, where she played on the girls’ volleyball team before she came to University Park campus.
  4. She’s passionate about giving back to her alma mater. A Penn State grad showed her the ropes during an internship in college, and now she wants to help other students in the same way, whether in a mentorship role or by raising funds for scholarships: “Economic times are harder now. Students need our financial support.”
  5. In our college, she found true love. (And we’re not talking about chickens.) Roxanne was an Ag Advocate working at an event to help students from other campuses transition to life in the college at University Park campus. A student she walked to an adviser’s office that day is also the one she now calls her husband.

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