From the Final Exam

istock-000010792183small.jpgFrom the Final Exam Test your knowledge of food and food chemistry. John Coupland, professor of food science, provided a few questions faced by students in a junior-level class, Food Science 400.

Determine whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE:

1.    Enthalpic interactions cause water molecules to align near ions in solutions.

2.    Moisture diffuses from Nilla wafers to raisins packaged in the same container. Therefore, the moisture content of the Nilla wafers must be higher than that of the raisins.

3.    In the rubbery state, molecular mobility decreases with increasing viscosity.

4.    You have prepared two solutions with the same mass concentration of two different corn syrup solutions. Sample A is largely maltose (a disaccharide consisting of two glucose units), while sample B is a mixture of larger polymers of glucose. Sample A has the higher boiling point.

5.    Most crystals in food form via heterogeneous nucleation.









1.    T

2.    F (Moisture content is not the determining factor. Differences in water activity drive diffusion.)

3.    T

4.    T

5.    T