Ingram Named Assistant Dean

Patreese Ingram

“Patreese Ingram’s scholarly background and passion for creating opportunities for cultural understanding make her the ideal person to lead the college in this area,” said Dean Bruce McPheron.

Ingram came to Penn State from the public school system in Grand Rapids, Mich., where she worked as a research and evaluation specialist. She has designed several programs to increase awareness and acceptance of differences and to enhance the public’s ability to relate effectively with populations that differ in age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental ability, race, sexual orientation, and religious practices.

Ingram will chair the college’s Diversity Coordinating Council, administer implementation of the 2010–2015 Framework to Foster Diversity, oversee creation of diversity committees in academic departments, handle civil rights issues and reporting, and act as liaison with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Civil Rights Compliance Office.

In addition, she will work to increase diversity of candidate pools for faculty positions, expand diversity-related professional-development opportunities, promote the creation of diversity-related student programs, and encourage recruitment and participation of underrepresented students.