Excellence in Research

John Carlson, professor of molecular genetics in the college, was chosen to receive the 2011–2012 Alex and Jessie C. Black Award for Excellence in Research. This $1,500 cash award recognizes significant accomplishments in agricultural research at Penn State.

Carlson is director of the Schatz Center for Tree Molecular Genetics. He studies the molecular genetics of forest trees and develops new approaches and resources for genetic linkage mapping and conservation genetics.

Currently, he and his research group are developing and characterizing gene-sequence databases, DNA markers, DNA libraries, and genetic linkage maps for various forest tree species as part of a $3.7 million project funded by the National Science Foundation.

“John Carlson has established the Schatz Center as a preeminent university research center in tree molecular genetics and biotechnology,” said Gary Thompson, the college’s associate dean for research and graduate education. “He is having a particularly important impact . . . in addressing forest health issues.”