Testing in the Trees

Student climbing tree (photo by Steve Williams)Students in Hort 201, Applied Arboriculture, worked hard for their midterm exams. Instructor Jim Savage evaluated climbing skills as students worked their way up into the big trees between the HUB and Atherton Hall to written exams attached to hanging clipboards.

The course description in the schedule of courses reads “overview of methods used to diagnose problems and provide for the long term care of large trees” and “emphasis will include accessing the upper parts of large trees; safety when working in and around large trees.” The description goes on to explain testing and evaluation but doesn’t mention how the exam will be conducted.

Students thought the course helped them address uncomfortable or challenging situations—something they felt would be an asset as they moved forward in their careers in business, science, and arboriculture.

Dean McPheron recently posted on his blog about growing enrollment in the college and how part of our success and strong reputation is due to our focus on experiential learning. The students climbing to take their exam is an excellent example.

Photo: Steve Williams