Then and Now

Then and Now

In the 1960s many of the pesticides used in greenhouses were so dangerous that humans could not enter for days without protective gear. The disruption to business sparked new research to find a better way.

Integrated pest management (IPM) emerged as a powerful solution using environmentally sensitive, common sense practices that reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides while maintaining crop quality and quantity.

Pennsylvania fruit growers reduced pesticide use by as much as 75 percent. But success is fleeting. Unexpected challenges emerge—like brown marmorated stink bugs. Unaffected by IPM techniques available today, they’re a threat to fruit and vegetable growers and a nuisance to homeowners.
The college looks for answers.

Commitment to continued research is crucial to fighting stink bugs and responding to the next unseen threat to the food we put on our tables.


Photo: Penn State College of Ag Sciences