New Extension Enologist: Denise Gardner

Denise GardnerDenise Gardner, a sensory scientist for Vinquiry Enartis in Windsor, California, is the college’s new extension enologist to support Pennsylvania’s wine industry. She’ll conduct research and educational programs for commercial winemakers. She’s conducted studies looking at the sensory effects of wine products and ingredients. Gardner will work closely with researchers in the Department of Food Science.

Gardner will also perform on-site evaluations of winemaking operations to keep winemakers up to date on production, economics, and business practices. These practices are necessary for quality and consistency of Pennsylvania wines, believes Don Chapman, chair of the Wine Market Research Board.

The appointment is part of Penn State Extension’s commitment to a growing industry. Dennis Calvin, director of Penn State Extension, points out that licensed wineries in Pennsylvania have risen from less than 30 to about 170 today, making it an important part of Pennsylvania agriculture. 

Gardner earned her M.S. in food science and technology from Virginia Tech and is a member of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture and the American Wine Society.

Support for this position comes from the Pennsylvania Winery Association, the state Wine Marketing Research Board, and the college.