Helping Honey Bees

Penn State’s work to unravel the mysteries of honey bee decline and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) won recognition and a $100,000 gift from the E. B. O’Keeffe Foundation, a supporter of arts and science research based in Palm Beach, Florida.

Flying beeThe award for research on pesticide exposure, parasites, and viruses will fund a competitive graduate fellowship pairing a student and leading researcher working on similar aspects of the problem.

“The incidence of CCD and the prominence of Penn State in this field have generated more momentum for funding,” says Gary Felton, professor and head of entomology in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. “CCD is a real problem. It has worldwide impact and people can relate to finding a solution. Students are attracted to that. We’re attracting excellent students.”

The gift, says Felton, is large enough to cover tuition costs, fund the actual research, and allow the student to attend meetings, purchase equipment, and present research results.