Cheese Revival

Philip Bachman (photo by Steve Williams)Nibble on Boondocks Cheddar, Heavenly Havarti, or any other artisanal cheese from God’s Country Creamery in Potter County, Pa., and you’ll instantly taste the same fresh flavor that’s a University Creamery hallmark. The cheese, fast becoming a thriving business, is made by a Penn State family: Philip Bachman, a sophomore in animal science, is assistant cheese-maker and fourth-generation dairy farmer, and parents Mark and Melanie Bachman, both graduates of Penn State’s dairy production program, met in college through the Dairy Science Club.

The Bachmans ran an 80-cow dairy farm until 2000, when industry-wide economic woes led them to sell most of their herd. Philip, 19, suggested they make healthy, high-quality cheeses from raw milk free from antibiotic residue and added hormones—an enterprise they began in 2008 that’s already paying off.

His Penn State studies have already helped his cheese-making, says Bachman, who splits his time among college, the family creamery, and a part-time job at the Berkey Creamery. “I simply love to make my own product from my cows. I’m excited that we are being responsible with the milk our cows produce.”

Bachman’s personal pick? Boondocks Cheddar. “It exemplifies the taste that we aim for,” he says.