Sharing Start-up Passion

Harbaugh Entrepreneurship Forum (photo by Steve Williams)Entrepreneurs spoke of the passion and commitment fueling their businesses and the challenges of their jobs during the first Harbaugh Entrepreneurship Forum held in April 2010 at the Forest Resources Building.

The panel comprised Scott Brickman, CEO of the Brickman Group; Daniel Eichenlaub, president of Eichenlaub, Inc.; Earl Harbaugh, founder and president of four companies and the forum’s sponsor; and Rick Grazzini, executive director of GardenGenetics.

Each shared their stories of entrepreneurship and spoke of the intensity of their commitment to making their businesses work and how they deal with issues ranging from balancing business demands with family to commercializing public research. The panel met throughout the day with faculty and students to talk about entrepreneurship.

The forum—the first of two in 2010, with another scheduled for this fall—is a key first step in the college’s effort to grow a culture of entrepreneurship and highlight opportunities in the food and fiber industries. Earl and Kay Harbaugh’s 2008 donation of $250,000 created the biannual forums via the Harbaugh Endowment for Entrepreneurship in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

To see images from the event visit the magazine blog post titled 2010 Harbaugh Entrepreneurship Forum.