Twitter Cohort

This was a 5 week session for those that wanted to learn more about what Twitter is and how they could use it.

All notes and presentations can be found on SharePoint: Twitter Cohort - Winter 2012 (login required).

Week 1: Getting Started

Lesson materials covered: What is Twitter? Setup account and review settings, What is a tweet, anatomy of a tweet, What is a hashtag? Using a hashtag for the class, How to follow people?

Week 2: Twitter Anatomy & Building your Community

Lesson materials covered: New Twitter interface, Twitter Anatomy 101, hashtags, RT, MT, @, and WHY do you want to do this!

Week 3: Twitter Clients

Lesson materials covered: Why use a Twitter Client, Setting up and Using Seesmic

Week 4: More on Clients and Twitter Chats

Lesson materials covered: Using more of the options in Seesmic and other clients, What is a Twitter Chat and Why use it?

Week 5: Leftovers

Lesson materials covered: Lists, Pictures/Videos, Stats and anything else