Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect DIY Tech Support series

Are you a Host or Moderator/Facilitator for an upcoming webinar, training or meeting using Adobe Connect? Do you know what to do if a participant says they are hearing an echo? Do you know what to do if a participant can’t hear at all? Do you know what to do if more than one participant is saying that the audio is choppy or too soft?

These and other answers are provided in this 2 part series. We will show you how to do these things and plan your webinar so that you'll have smooth sailing (for the planning, dry run and the day of the event. Importantly, we’ll also show you what to do after the session is over. Each sessions about 1.5 hours.

In this session we will cover the audio and video troubleshooting techniques that we use during a webinar/training/meeting via Adobe Connect.

In this session, we will cover the planning process for before, during and after your webinar/training/meeting via Adobe Connect.

Online Tutorials/Videos

During this recording you can learn to create Adobe Connect meeting rooms. We will teach you to use the Adobe Connect Management Console to create new meeting rooms, how to set room security, how to register users for a room, how to identify what users have logged into the room and how to use your My Content area within the Management Console.

During this recording you will learn how you can work with Adobe Connect recordings. We will teach you how to create an Adobe Connect recording, how to do basic editing, how to make recordings available to the public and how to review statistics on how many people have viewed the recordings.

This is a hands-on session to give Presenters and Hosts an overview of what has changed but also time to experiment as well. The first part of the recording will be very useful to all who conduct webinars, trainings and meetings via Adobe Connect. The second part of the recording is where the audience has time to "play". You will not be able to do this of course but can listen and watch what they are doing. You are encouraged to use your own meeting space to "play" so you are comfortable with Adobe Connect ver8.

We discuss and demonstrate the changes with how to use your microphone, the Chat pod, and the My Status to be an active participant. We also show some of the other changes that are seen in version 8 of Adobe Connect. (updated May 31, 2011)

This tutorial provides an overview of the skills you will need to get started using Adobe Connect.

This how-to will explain how a host can customize Adobe Connect layouts.

This tutorial explains the skills you need to know to be an effective host in an Adobe Connect meeting.

This tutorial provides insight into what needs to be done to host a successful Adobe Connect webinar.

This tutorial will help the presenter understand what they need to know to be a more effective presenter.

This tutorial will help participants understand what they need to know to be actively engaged in a Connect meeting.

Training Modules

Welcome to the wonderful world of online learning using Adobe Connect. We have three different modules: Getting Started, Host Information and Participant Information. If you have questions about Adobe Connect, don't hesitate to contact one of the Educational Technology team listed to the right.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online meetings using Adobe Connect. This module has three lessons.

This module will help you understand what a Host needs to know to have an effective meeting, training or presentation.

This online tutorial will help you understand what you need to know to be a participant in an Adobe Connect meeting, training or presentation.