Video Conference Support

Every VC system will include the purchase of a Polycom Service Contract. This contract offers training and technical support for the VC unit for the designated time, usually three years.

The contract vendor is your primary source for support if you experience difficulties with the set-up and operation of your system during that contract period.

Currently our existing service contract vendor is EXPEDITE Video Conferencing . You can access support by calling 1-888-YES-VIDEo and selecting OPTION 2 .

EXPEDITE will troubleshoot and service the VC unit and other equipment that you purchased from them. You have a 24-hour turn around service for the Polycom hardware.

For other optional equipment (monitors, projectors, audio systems), consult the warranty information from your vendor.

For Network Problems, consult your local Internet Service Providor (ISP)

AgIT Support is available if you do not get resolution from EXPEDITE or your ISP

Call: 814-865-1229 or submit a Help Request

You can find more information on video conference equipment on our Technologies page.