Study shows importance & unique characteristics of female farmers

This article quotes Claudia Schmidt, assistant professor of marketing and local/regional food systems, and Stephan Goetz, professor of agricultural and regional economics and director of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development.

AgDaily: Penn State researchers diversify Holsteins

Animal scientists Chad Dechow and Wansheng Liu talk about their research to restore a lost genetic line of Holstein cattle.

AgDay TV via Dairy Herd Management: Dairy Report -- Dairy farm exits slow, beef on dairy opportunities

Cheryl Ann Fairbairn, livestock extension educator, talks about efforts to increase revenue for dairy producers via dairy beef production.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Agency Participant Sign-Up Sheets

The Agency Participant Sign-Up Sheets will allow your partner agencies to collect the names and contact information of their clients who are interested in Nutrition Links lessons.

AgFunderNews: Agriculture -- Putting the steam in STEM degrees at U.S. universities

Tracy Hoover, associate dean for undergraduate education, and Jean Lonie, director of student recruitment and activities, comment on the role of agricultural education in preparing students for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. "Future of Agriculture" podcast: The best STEM delivery tool

Daniel Foster, associate professor of agricultural and extension education, talks about why he pursued agricultural studies, the importance of ag literacy, and his thoughts on ag educators., "Fruit Grower Report": Fruit Bites -- spotted lanternfly

A segment of this podcast dealing with spotted lanternfly refers listeners to the Penn State Extension website for images and more information.

Aging, Working with Seniors and Recruiting them as Volunteers

by Dr. Matt Kaplan

AgNet West: Keeping spotted lanternfly out of California

In this story, which also features an audio interview, Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, talks about the challenge of slowing the spread and managing populations of SLF.

Agri-Pulse: U.S. propels vision of global farm tech solutions to climate change

This article quotes David Blandford, professor emeritus of agricultural and environmental economics.

Agri-View: Can effluent water crops?

Alison Franklin, Ph.D. candidate in soil science and biogeochemistry, talks about her research on what happens to certain compounds -- such as antibiotics and other pharmaceutical and personal-care products -- that remain in effluent after treatment.

Agri-View: Entrapment simulator to save lives

Ean Julius, recent Biological Engineering graduate, and Dave Hill, agricultural safety and health senior extension associate, talk about a student-built flowing grain entrapment simulator that will be used to educate farmers and first responders.

Agri-View: Gene-edited mushroom -- USDA approval not needed

An article highlighting the U.S. Department of Agriculture's ruling that the CRISPR gene-edited mushroom developed by plant pathologist Yinong Yang will not be subject to the agency's regulatory review.

Agri-View: Reduced-, no-till can reduce organic-soybean production costs

This article highlights research led by John Wallace, assistant professor of weed science.

Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory

The Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory provides a wide range of testing programs for soils, water, plants, biosolids and other agricultural materials.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Provides the opportunity to gain expertise in areas of engineering for biological/agricultural systems corresponding to your professional interests.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Engineering, science, business, and technical management of biological and agricultural systems.

Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science

Emphasizes research that increases the efficiency of production of agronomic and horticultural crops, improves the quality of food, feed, and fiber available for humans and animals, develops an understanding of the basic soil-plant-animal climate complex, and improves the overall quality of the human environment.

Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

An interdisciplinary focus on ag education and the societal and community context of the agricultural sciences.

Agricultural honorary fraternity creates Trustee Matching Scholarship

The Penn State chapter of a national agricultural honorary fraternity, Alpha Zeta, has established a scholarship endowment to support students in the College of Agricultural Sciences who have demonstrated financial need. The gift will create the Alpha Zeta Fraternity Trustee Scholarship and first preference for funds will go to students who are members of Alpha Zeta.

Agricultural Stewardship and Conservation

The Agricultural Stewardship and Conservation certificate program provides enhanced knowledge for best agricultural practices to protect soil health and water health.

Agriculture and Environment Center

The Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center (AEC) is focused on solving today’s water quality challenges related to the impacts of land use and land management.

Agriculture and Environment Center

Operating under the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science (SAFES), this center's mission is to catalyze integrated research and engagement related to the impacts of land use and management on water and the environment.

Agriculture and Environment Center

The center’s mission is to catalyze integrated research and engagement related to the impacts of land use and management on water and the environment.

Agriculture and Environment Center (AEC)

The Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center (AEC) is focused on solving today's water quality challenges related to the impacts of land use and land management.

AgriLand: Body condition score -- Are your cows on track for drying off?

This article features an embedded Penn State Extension "Learn Now" video produced by Coleen Jones, research associate in animal science.

AgriNews: Annual, biological rhythms govern milk production in dairy cows

Being more precisely aware of cows’ rhythms allows dairy farmers to better judge the effectiveness of management strategies, according to Kevin Harvatine, associate professor of nutritional physiology, and Isaac Salfer, doctoral student in animal science.

AgriNews: Dairy crisis prompts groups in Lancaster County, state to help families with mental stress

Mauricio Rosales, dairy extension educator, is quoted in this story, which originally appeared in Lancaster Newspapers (via

AgriNews: Effective training for dairy farm employees

This coverage of a recent Penn State Extension webinar quotes Adrian Barragan, clinical assistant professor of veterinary and biomedical sciences.

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