Allentown Morning Call: At Crooked Row Farm, growing things is what it's all about

In this profile of a beginning farmer, John Berry, ag marketing extension educator, says he's seen an increase in the number of novice farmers in the last decade or so.

Allentown Morning Call: At Farmers Night, Penn State experts give props to genetically engineered crops

Dean of the college, Rick Roush, and Try Ott, professor of reproductive physiology, discuss the benefits and controversies of GMOs at a legislator's annual agricultural town hall meeting.

Allentown Morning Call: Bamboo running into trouble in Bethlehem Township

Emelie Swackhamer, horticultural extension educator, tells township officials that unchecked bamboo is a problem throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Allentown Morning Call: Check your Christmas tree just in case it's carrying lanternfly eggs

Emelie Swackhamer, horticulture extension educator, and Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, commented for this story.

Allentown Morning Call: Disease ravaging Allentown Rose Garden is a thorny nationwide problem that threatens the rose industry

Penn State Extension horticulture educator Emelie Swackhamer comments on the prevalence of rose rosette disease.

Allentown Morning Call: Drain the pools of water -- West Nile reaches record high in Pa.

Jeff Carroll, Penn State Extension’s mosquito borne disease control coordinator for Lehigh and Northampton counties, says the incidence of West Nile virus is high in the Lehigh Valley this year.

Allentown Morning Call: Extreme form of mange spreading among Pennsylvania black bears

Erika Machtinger, assistant professor of entomology, is quoted in this story.

Allentown Morning Call: French fry shortage? No need to worry, say Pennsylvania potato growers, potato chip makers

Bob Leiby, former long-time agronomy extension educator and Lehigh County extension director, and Dave Masser, agricultural systems management alumnus and Sterman Masser president, talk about the potato supply chain.

Allentown Morning Call: Fungus among us found to kill spotted lanternfly invaders

Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, describes finding spotted lanternflies killed by a naturally occurring fungus in Berks County.

Allentown Morning Call: Get ready, leaf peepers -- Pennsylvania's fall foliage reports start today

Marc Abrams, professor of forest ecology and physiology, discusses factors affecting the fall foliage display.

Allentown Morning Call: Green and spiky creature found at Pennsylvania state park isn’t an alien. It’s a hickory horned devil

Michael Skvarla, extension educator and director of the Insect Identification Lab, talks about the population dynamics of a rare caterpillar recently observed in Bucks County.

Allentown Morning Call: Help for Gardeners -- How to control the spotted lanternfly?

This gardening Q&A column cites a Penn State Extension news story and other extension resources with tips for managing SLF infestations.

Allentown Morning Call: Help for gardeners -- All about ticks, mosquitos and cicadas

This column cites and offers information from several Penn State Extension webpages.

Allentown Morning Call: Holy cow -- Milk lady delivers nostalgia, convenience across the Lehigh Valley

Brian Moyer, extension program assistant, comments for a story about a local business that's tapping into the local food trend by offering customers the convenience of delivery.

Allentown Morning Call: If you see foresters cutting down trees on South Mountain, here’s why

David Jackson, forest resources extension educator, explains how selective cutting of timber can help in forest management.

Allentown Morning Call: Invasive spotted lanternfly takes more Pennsylvania counties hostage

In this story about the expansion of the state's SLF quarantine zone, Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, says she doesn't expect the winter's snowy weather to affect the survival of spotted lanternfly egg masses. Similar stories in print and broadcast media across the state mentioned Penn State Extension resources for managing spotted lanternfly infestations.

Allentown Morning Call: It’s still early, but fungus shows promise in killing spotted lanternfly

Dennis Calvin, associate dean and director of special programs, and Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, comment on research testing the effectiveness of a fungal biopesticide to control the spotted lanternfly.

Allentown Morning Call: Labor of love -- How to become a tree-climber and why few want to

Jim Savage, an assistant teaching professor of horticulture, talks about the educational opportunities and job market in aboriculture.

Allentown Morning Call: Lab successfully grows spotted lanternfly, opening door to new research

Heather Leach, extension associate in entomology, and Julie Urban, associate research professor of entomology, talk about what lab-rearing of spotted lanternfly will mean for future research efforts.

Allentown Morning Call: Lehigh Valley farmers seek new markets as big retailers cash in on 'buy local' trend

Treating the farm as a business is the first step for smaller growers to compete with large grocery retailers, said Brian Moyer, extension program assistant.

Allentown Morning Call: Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms part of bankruptcy filing by milk producer Dean Foods

Dave Swartz, Penn State Extension assistant director for animal systems programs, says farmers worry about the rapid consolidation of the dairy market.

Allentown Morning Call: Lehigh Valley businesses face deadline to get spotted lanternfly permit

This story mentions Penn State Extension and Amy Korman, entomology extension educator.

Allentown Morning Call: Lehigh Valley wineries see hardy yields

Denise Gardner, extension state enologist, comments on the quality of this year's grape harvest in the Lehigh Valley.

Allentown Morning Call: Like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, live chickens are hot commodity in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Emily Lhamon, poultry extension educator, says raising backyard chickens is "not an impulse purchase. You have to be fully prepared before you bring a chick home or place an order."

Allentown Morning Call: Lower Nazareth 8-year-old's award-winning app is the bee's knees

Connie Schmotzer, consumer horticulture extension educator, comments on a mobile app -- developed by an eight-year-old boy in part with information from Extension -- designed to help users create pollinator-friendly gardens.

Allentown Morning Call: More 'agritainment' may be coming to Upper Macungie

John Berry, ag marketing extension educator, comments on the growing trend of "agritainment" and "agritourism."

Allentown Morning Call: Mosquito found in Lehigh Valley may be Zika carrier

Louise Bugbee, extension educator and Lehigh County West Nile program coordinator, says Asian tiger mosquitoes , which may be capable of spreading Zika virus, are increasingly found in the region.

Allentown Morning Call: Newsmaker Q&A -- Dave Messersmith, Penn State Marcellus Shale educator

Dave Messersmith answers questions about natural gas pipeline development in Pennsylvania.

Allentown Morning Call: New organic hog facility looks to raise happy hogs

In a story about a project to raise hogs organically, Bob Mikesell, senior instructor in animal science, says he doesn't envision pasture-raised hog farming overtaking conventional production methods.

Allentown Morning Call: Not too mealy, not too crisp -- Erratic weather gives Lehigh Valley apple farmers a mixed bag

Jim Schupp, professor of pomology, and Don Seifrit, tree fruit extension educator, explain how weather has affected this year's apple crop in Pennsylvania.

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