Posted: September 20, 2019

You know that we have software expertise and access to tools and services to keep your computer humming along, but what if it’s flat-out busted? A little smoke from the side of a laptop? Buzzing noise in the desktop? You can call us for that, too!

You already know that you can call on Ag IT staff when you want to explore new technology-oriented solutions and new tools, and you can call us when technology lets you down. In fact, we are glad that you do! We get many calls for advice, and for help with software and service - - but we don't get many hardware issues. Do you know that Ag IT has three Apple Certified Mac Technicians on our team? If you have trouble with your iMac or MacBook, we are able to run Apple hardware diagnostics, place orders for warranty-covered parts, and install those parts. If your iMac or MacBook is out of warranty, we can still explore repair needs and options with you, but you would have to buy/reimburse us for any parts needed - but no labor charge!

Additionally, Ag IT has three Dell Certified System Experts to do similar work for Penn State owned Dell computers.

**Special disclaimer - this service is only for Penn State owned computers, and our certifications do not extend to Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches or other iGizmos.

Are we the right avenue for every repair for everyone for every circumstance? No, not so much. We're very accessible to University Park faculty and staff, but distances and convenience for county-based staff is …um…variable. Many of you have the Dell next-day-onsite warranty service and may take advantage of that service. And many offices have a certified Apple repair provider in the area. But, as your colleagues in the college with your best interest at heart, and with our no-dollars labor rate, please keep us in mind when you have Mac or Dell hardware issues - we just might be the best option for you.

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