Weather Watch and Thunderstorms

Posted: July 26, 2016

Summer thunderstorms can wreak havoc on roads and farms and landscaping and roofing, pets, and on a restful night’s sleep. It can also wreak havoc on your office technology!

When the weather forecast calls for storms – especially high winds or thunderstorms - they are also forecasting the very real possibility of tech glitches.  When faced with severe weather alerts, it is best to save any open documents often, in case of an unexpected loss of power.  If the bad weather is called for overnight, it is good to turn off computers in case of the loss of electricity.  This will allow you to restart the devices when you know that power is stable, and protects the equipment from damage that might be caused by a surge of returning power or a rapid flickering of power on and off again as workers restore service.

Your server and network devices should all be protected by uninterruptable power supply (UPS) or battery backup devices.  It is best for you not to attempt to power any of these devices down.  UPS devices, though, are a temporary source of power.  If your electricity goes off for many hours it is likely that the battery will not be able to provide enough power to last through an extended outage.  Many, though not all, devices are configured to gently shut down as the UPS runs out of power – other devices will simply shut down when there is not enough power to run.

If your server or network devices should lose power and shut down, we’d like to help you restore service.  When power to your office is stable, please call and we’ll help you reboot your devices in the proper order to have all of the parts of your technology environment working together again.  We’ll also help determine if the whole UPS needs to be replaced, or perhaps we only need to charge or replace the battery.

You may also lose internet connectivity due to storms – storms in your specific area or anywhere across the state where your traffic travels, or at University Park.  An outage can be as specific as your building or your your internet service provider (ISP), but major storms can take out entire regions of the state.  If you’ve lost networking we again ask you to contact us and we’ll help determine the source of the outage.

Often the restoration of electricity and networking is outside of your control and ours…it becomes a waiting game until all services are restored by power companies and ISP's.  Because of the possibility of lengthy outages AgIT recommends stocking a few boxes of sharpened pencils, a dozen or more yellow, lined legal pads and some carbon paper to keep staff productive!