Surplus Computer Hardware, Software and Media

Posted: April 13, 2016

“Spring cleaning” is not anywhere near as much fun as “Summer Cookouts” or “Fall Foliage Festival,” but it is something that seems to happen every year. When you get around to spring cleaning in the old technology closet we’ve got a few tips and reminders.

As you clean out your closets, storage areas or for when you get new equipment or software, please remember that any "surplus" University-owned computer hardware or software must be properly disposed of, transferred or salvaged.  Though some old hardware and software can be transferred to other Penn State budgets, it cannot be offered as "free" where it may inadvertently be considered free for faculty, staff or student personal use.  PSU Lion Surplus can e-cycle non-functional computer hardware and software media and is the only location where University-owned computer hardware or software can be resold.  Any questions on how to properly dispose of or e-cycle old hardware and software including software media can be directed to PSU Lion Surplus at or you may reference Penn State Policy BS15 at