Store Your Stuff in a Box at PSU!

Posted: July 26, 2016

Do you have a lot of data? Are you looking for a data storage location that is accessible from anywhere in the world? (OK…maybe just most of the world!)? Do you need a low-cost storage option? Really low? Have a need to share data with colleagues across the campus? Across the state…country…globe? In need of secure storage and secure access? Then just put it in a box - in a Box at Penn State

Box, Inc. is a world-wide leader in providing secure cloud-based data storage and collaboration tools.  Penn State and Box have entered into a contract providing Box services to Penn State employees at no cost to the individual.  What is the primary benefit to you?  In a nutshell:  unlimited data storage.

Each Penn State employee has access to this unlimited storage with the user ID and password that you already use, plus the security of the Two-Factor Authentication process that you have already enabled.  Box can be used to share files – with anyone that has Internet access, whether they have Penn State ties or not.  Data stored in the cloud has redundant backup and 24x7x365 availability so your data is available to you regardless of your specific location….primary office, satellite office, home office, or cottage-on-the-lake office - - - as long as you have Internet access you have access to your data.

There are limitations on the kinds of data that can be stored at Box, depending upon its sensitivity.  Naturally all public information is allowed, and no PII is allowed, and only only some types of sensitive data.  Guidance on the storage of various kinds of data can be found at this website ( ) or by working with your department's IT Consultant

For more information about Box at Penn State as a storage service, a collaborative service or as an archive/backup service check out the website:

If you have specific questions about Box and its application to your specific needs, feel free to contact you department’s IT Consultant or Ag IT Support.