Penn State New VPN Client - AnyConnect

Posted: April 13, 2016

If you connect to some secure Penn State services from outside of a Penn State network you may be familiar with using Cisco VPN. A new version has arrived – AnyConnect! This is great news for users of Windows 10 since the previous version was not Win 10 compatible, and good news for Win 7 users since it is new and functional and will outlast Cisco VPN.

A new Virtual Private Network (VPN) client, AnyConnect, is available for Penn State computer systems and support for Windows 10 is now available.  A VPN client is often used to connect securely to Penn State resources from outside of the Penn State network -- such as at home or at a Wireless Access Point.  Cisco AnyConnect replaces the Cisco Systems VPN Client and that old client may cease to function in February of 2017.  A convenient, self-installation location is through the "B Icon" as an offer and is titled Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) Client v4.2.00096.  Note that this B-icon offer will only be present on computer systems where a wireless connection or an older Cisco VPN client is detected. Once the offer is accepted, installation should only take a few minutes and no restart is required.  You will notice a new program called Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is installed and, when launched, gives you the same options for connecting to Penn State VPN resources as before. When launching the client, choose and click connect (see image below).  Connect using Group ISPtoPSU with your Penn State Access ID and password (see image below).  As always, if you cannot locate the B-Icon or the offer is not available and you need the Cisco AnyConnect client installed, please contact the AgIT Helpdesk.

Image 1